Till we Meet Again – Lesley Pearse

So the book that I picked up almost immediately after finishing Before I Go to Sleep was a garage sale find. I was hopping on a bus and taking a mini weekend long vacation. I had some time to kill before my bus left, so I stopped at a garage sale, “just in case” I happened to finish my first book. Thank goodness I did, as I was done Before I Go To Sleep on the bus ride up. So the next day, during the one relaxing moment I started in on the novel Till we Meet Again. The story begins with a shooting of two people in cold blood by Susan Wright. The solictor to defend her is Beth Powell, Susans childhood friend. The two young girls were inseperable during the summer months between the ages of 10-15.

The novel describes the current situation that the two women find themselves in, while slowly unravelling the events that have brought both down the path they found themselves in. Their pasts and presents are so intricably woven together, and neither is truly aware of it. It is an emotional read of two heartwarming tales of women who are very different, but very similar.

The author does a wonderful job of weaving the two tales of the women, both their present and their past. I found the novel a very easy read. Not once did I find my mind wandering down a path unescorted. Albeit, the ending was almost predictable, it was still a heartwarming tale that I soon won’t forget. It was definitely a story that this Romantic enjoys to read. It has the romance, the hope, the passion, as well as the suspense and mystery of uncovering each womans path to reveal how they became the women they have become.

4 out of 5 gold stars.

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