Dream-Reality v Reality.

This morning I woke up from a horrible dream and immediately called my son. In the dream, I was driving and him and I got into an argument, which is rather common for the two of us. He decided that he had had enough and stepped out of a moving vehicle. I stopped the car immediately and went to check on him. This is where the dream gets rather upsetting. The hood of his jacket got caught in the moving tire.

I gently removed the jacket hood from underneath the car but woke up before I had a chance to check on my sons heartbeat. Even though the feeling of dread has not left me all day, I have often wondered why it wasn’t worse. I mean, in my dream I wasn’t screaming and freaking out the way a mother would when her child is in danger. And even at though N was in the most unnatural position, I did not believe that the worst had happened. In fact, I knew in my heart that he was okay. Although, I am glad that I woke up before I could put that theory to the test.

I was reminded of one of my favourite quotes:

There is not much difference between dreams and reality. Both are real for as long as they last.

and I realized, that reality and the realm of possibility is broader in the dream world. In our reality, I never would have reacted as calmly as I did. In our reality my son wouldn’t have survived. It got me thinking, even dreams are just as real as reality I think I want to live in a dream more often than reality. Things can happen in a dream that would never happen in reality. I could alter my dream-reality so that I win the lottery and am able to afford my dream house. I could alter my dream-reality so that the man of my dreams, really IS the man of my dreams. He will be sweet 100% of the time, and never leave my side. And he would look like Wolverine. I could have everything I always wanted, and it would be just as real as any reality. I could visit with my Mother, and ask her all those unanswered questions that I have, and be able to ask Mom advice.

The possibilities are of what I could do in my dream-reality are endless, and the law of permanence no longer applies. But then, in reality my son would never be stupid enough to jump out of a moving vehicle so on second thought maybe reality is the better choice to dream reality.


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