The Return of Meaningless Days

Okay, so it hasn’t  gotten that bad yet, but it WAS only three or four days ago that I sat down and I brainstormed a list of ways to put meaning back into my days. I came up with the brilliant idea to begin babysitting. In a matter of  24 hours I managed to secure three interviews with moms who would like me to babysit their children on a regular-semi regular basis. I was excited, to actually see an end to the nagging feeling of emptiness that continues to plague my days.

Until I got stood up on Day 1. I shrugged that off. It was only a week-long job, and I almost expected it as I never did receive a confirmation email. Then Day 2 came and went and no where did I see the interviewee. Again, I shrugged it off as my subconscious gently reminded me that she said she would be in touch closer to the day.

Day 3, though, seemed very promising. We got along great and she mentioned how comfortable she felt with me. Of course, being a parent myself, I refused to let her make her decision based on a phone call and told her it would be wise to witness how her child and I interact before making a final decision. Well, her child and I never did get a chance to interact. When our proposed meeting time rolled around, and I still hadn’t seen her, I called. Apparently she “forgot” to tell me she found the “perfect match” for her child.

Which is great. As a parent, I am well versed in the knowledge that you need to find the perfect person to watch your child. But as a considerate human being, I am also aware of how incredibly rude it is to make arrangements and not follow through with them. It’s not so much the now lack of promising leads I have for the summer months. It’s the fact that I had planned my entire three days around these three individuals, and not one of them had the decency or respect to at least call and cancel!

At least my days will have a new meaning. My son arrives home for the weekend tomorrow night 😀


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