Sounds of Summer

Today was the first beautiful day that we have had in about two weeks. The sun finally poked its head from behind the safety of the stormclouds, the rain and hail and wind, tired of the havoc it had played on the community, retreated to the safety of their home. So what was a Mom to do but pack up Baby and head off to the park. I loaded up the car with a blanket, snacks, drinks and off we trekked to the local hotspot where all the hip babes go to.

We parked the car and got out and before I could load up my arms with all our picnic necessities off went Baby to go make some new friends. I found the Prime Spot and got to work setting up our supplies. As if on cue, Baby came running back from the park. We sat down and enjoyed all the food that I packed for us. Almost simultaneously, as soon as we were done, Baby went running off again so I laid down to soak up the rays of the sun that had come out to play for the day.

As I relaxed, feeling the warmth of the sun on my legs and arms, I listened to the sounds of summer and was overcome with a feeling of Happiness. As I soaked up the rays, I also soaked up every other sensation around me. The feel of the breeze cooling off my skin. The rustle of the leaves of the big oak tree above me. The distant roar of the jet flying overhead leaving behind a thick billow of white smoke behind it. The sounds of new moms chattering as they watched their Babes playing and running together. the shrill shreak of the older children as they laugh and run playing tag together. All at once, I hear the sound of a new dad break through my reverie as he chased down his toddler boy. A daring child with no fear, or knowledge of the danger that lay ahead of him at the big bad park. I chuckle to myself as I watch the scene play ahead of me when all of a sudden a new sound breaks into my thoughts. A loud wood chipper as it chews and eats the previously cut branches and turns them into mulch. A noise that is neither particularly lyrical or pleasant, but one that nonetheless indicates summer is finally upon us.


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