Scavenger Sales

I was driving down the street with Boyfriend, Baby, and Kid when I saw a sign for a garage sale. I wanted to stop and simultaneously I heard two groans from both Boyfriend and Kid and Baby got really excited and wanted to go garage sale-ing.

This sparked a conversation with Boyfriend about what it is about garage sales that automatically turns off men, but makes women, no matter the age, excited. Up until the point that I had two children, one of each gender, I thought that the gender stereotypes were a myth. Boyfriend himself was dragged from garage sale to garage sale as a young child and now he has a forever aversion to them. I myself drag Kid and Baby to garage sales, and I can sense that Kid is developing a forever aversion, however Baby seems to be developing a love for them. Boyfriend made a simple remark that I need to make garage sales fun for the boys. Women will shop no matter their mood or time of day, (as illustrated when I took Baby to the mall when she was 2 and even half asleep she wanted to continue shopping) but boys need more to stimulate themselves.

I then had the bright idea to turn garage sales into a scavenger hunt. For myself, it already IS a scavenger hunt, just without the list (so I guess that would be classified more as a Treasure Hunt) but if I want to drag Kid and Baby around, I need to make it more of a game. So this week I have a goal. I am going to make an individualized list of approximately ten items. Things for Baby can include a Dora doll, a purple and pink purse and green flip flops. Things for Kid can include a stuffed tiger, a hot wheels car, an age appropriate book. Then they will each get their list and some money and off we go to set out to try to cross these items off the list.

This way, the kids get a nice game to spend their Saturday mornings/afternoons doing, and Mom finally gets to go garage sale-ing without having to deal with the fights.


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