Time for an Intervention??

A bit of background:

A few years ago when I first started crocheting, and wasn’t sure where to begin, I started taking any kind of yarn, in any kind of colour and crocheting, using single crochet. The length was not counted, but it measures about 65 inches long. I have been working on this afghan for about three years now. When I find a new project that I want to start, one that uses an actual pattern for, I put my initial project on hold. It has been nicknamed my ‘scrap blanket’ as I will use any scrap yarn I have, and add to it, just so I don’t have any extra stuff kicking around. I suspect I will be done it by the time Baby graduates high school. 😛

Flashforward to present day:

I started making Boyfriend a “starflake” afghan.Image When I got about half way through it, I got very bored of it. So whats a girl to do? I went shopping and got a new project in mind. Since my childrens birthdays are coming up. (I had both Baby and Kid within a week of each other in October) I decided to pick up a couple patterns and make them both afghans for their birthday. So I purchased the pattern and the necessary yarn to make two more afghans, with every intention to put it aside for when I was done my current WIP.

A few days later, on my birthday, my surrogate mother came and surprised me with a yarn organizer that I had asked for months previously. So excited to try it, I put it together and put in some yarn that I had been saving to make a baby blanket for a former colleague. Realizing that I was quickly running out of time, I decided that I was to start making that project immediately.

About a week into making the baby blanket, my couch ate my H hook. Unable to find my spare H hook, I didn’t know what to do. I sat down to see if I could find some cheap hooks online and came across a pattern that I had purchased weeks ago for a crochet hook organizer. It seemed easy enough, so while I was sitting at my computer, I decided to try it out with some spare yarn I had kicking around. I got about 1/3 done. (Found my spare hook in the progress too!)

Later that night, I had Boyfriend over for Movie Night. He knew his project was on hold, and I was excited to show him my crochet hook organizer and he lovingly rolled his eyes at me. I then put on the movie, grabbed the yarn my daughter chose for her blanket and started working it, just to see how difficult it was. to work with. He looked over at me and said, if you get to a bakers dozen unfinished projects I am going to stage an intervention. I laughed, and said I’m only at three. Wait. Four. (Starflake, Baby Blanket, Crochet Hook Organizer, and then my daughters blanket)

Half an hour later I blurted out “Five!” I realized that a year ago I started making an afgan for a man I was seeing. It ended badly, and every time I looked at my project I started crying again, so I hid it in my closet until the emotions subsided a bit. I took it out recently, intending to finish it and give it as a gift, I just wasn’t sure to whom.

15 minutes after that I yelled “Six” remembering that I had mad an attempt at making a Tshirt. I got frustrated and put it away with barely any progress made, but I knew that I would pick it up when I felt I had more experience.

45 minutes after this I sheepishly admitted “Seven” remembering my scrap blanket that I began years ago.

Then as we were laying in bed after the movie and I rolled over and asked if it counts if I have two more ideas for a project but haven’t actually started them. (I just found out my close friend was pregnant that day, and I wanted to make HER a baby blanket and stuffy for her new baby). I was informed that yes, it does in fact count so I sighed and said, damnit. “nine”.

Boyfriend then took his threat of an intervention back. He realized that it was very likely that I would need one, and he wouldn’t even begin to know how to stage one.

On a brighter note: I realized that the afghan of a year ago is the same colour scheme as New Baby, so now I am down to Eight!

How many Work in Progresses do you have on the go? When is it Too Much?


6 thoughts on “Time for an Intervention??

  1. Let’s see, I’m mostly done with the star baby blanket, just have to work away the edged.

    I have the Pacific harbour throw.

    Started with a scarf

    And that top that I started over a year ago and have no idea where the pattern is.

    that’s about 3.5 projects I’d say.

    • Thank you. I thought it was going to be a very simple pattern, and it IS… it just got very time consuming. If you can crochet in the round ( a circle) you can do a star, no problem! I have been crocheting for about 3 years now. you?

      • I have been crocheting on and off for about 10 years, saying that everytime I went back to it I had to re-learn, then 3 years ago I gave up jewellery making and took to it full time. SO yeah about 3 years properly. I just love it.. did I say that already? LOL
        I have looked at this type of pattern, and think I can do it, but my list for projects for B’days over the next 7 weeks is HUGE… I hope I finish them all. Will post what I make. Thankyou xx

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