A year of Projects

So, I recently discovered the wonderful community of Ravelry. Upon further investigation of the community I came across a wonderful group and decided to join it.

Come Blog-Along combines two of my favourite activities. The two activities that, unless I am accountable, I will actually let slide for months on end. Blogging and crocheting.

I go through spurts with my crocheting. Some weeks I will do nothing but crochet. Then my projects will sit for a couple months before I look a them again. Now with this group I have made myself accountable to not only Blogging on a regular basis, but also to starting and completing my projects.

So here are my goals for the next year:
I would like to finish all (most) my WIPs listed in my previous entry. 

1. Starflake Blanket for Boyfriend

2. Bobble Blanket for colleagues  baby

3. Blanket for New Baby

4. Monkey for New Baby

5. Blanket for my Baby

6. Blanket for Kid

7. Love Hook Crochet Hook organizer

8. The T-shirt that I got frustrated with months ago and gave up on

9. I would then like to make a shawl or shrug for myself. Pattern pending .

10. I have always wanted to have a homemade pillow, so now is as good a time as any to make one.

 Another goal that I have for myself includes participating in at least two swaps.

My July goals include: Bobble Blanket; Crochet Hook Organizer, participate in one swap

As I am new at this whole Blog Along/ Crochet Along, I think that I am to leave this list as is for now. In actuality, my goal is to get at least the first 7 of these projects complete by Christmas time, leaving 7 months to finish the last two. But at least this way, I leave room for Life to happen, as we all know it will. Maybe next year, I will be more organized and have a book of patterns to work through.

Disorganized as it may look, I am VERY excited to participate this year 🙂


17 thoughts on “A year of Projects

  1. Welcome to the group and I hope you enjoy it here, we are certainly great at encouragement. Great looking list and looks achieveable, looking forward to seeing your crochet work.

    • Thank you!! And it probably feels disorganized to me cuz my projects are all in different stages of the completion process making it feel like disarray! I will post photos of all the WIPs and chosen patterns as soon as possible. 😀

  2. I’ve got several WIPs on my list as well, I would really like to get them out of the way so that I can start on the fun, new stuff! You sound very interesting.

  3. Welcome to the group!! I look forward to seeing your blankets come to life! also, if you are interested in swapping, I co-mod a swap group called Keep It Simple Swaps, check us out!

  4. I like to put a positive spin on my disorganization, so i call it “being creative” You can apply this to many areas of your life. I cook creatively, teach my child creatively, heck, I even park my car creatively. (This especially “pleases” my husband) I think your list is well thought out and leaves you some growing room.

  5. Great list! I’m very interested in that crochet hook organizer….sounds like something I could use! LOL! This is my first year and I’m a new knitter too so it should be interesting! Can’t wait to see your pics!

    • Hi Sandra, I posted a link in my update for the pattern to crochet hook organizer. it is a paid pattern however, but it wasn’t much at all. Pics are also up in the update and more pics to come 🙂 thanks for stoppign by.

  6. Welcome to the group. Your list looks great and I had to check out that hook organiser – what a gorgeous piece – wow !! Look forward to your weekly updates. Enjoy xoxoxox

    • Thanks Dorothy. It is a nice piece. I am using scrap yarn, and the colours don’t really match, but I figured it would be a good way to use up my scraps, and if I can whip one up with minimal frustration, I can always make another 🙂

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