Hottest Prince?

The other night I was having a discussion with Boyfriend and then I stopped and realized what I was saying and I had to laugh as it was one of the most bizarre conversations I have had in a long time, if at all.

I had put in The Princess and the Frog for Baby and as I sat down to watch it, I caught sight of Prince Naveen. Even though he was an animated character in a childrens movie, I found him attractive. I turned to Boyfriend and said, Naveen is very well drawn which sparked a conversation about who is the hottest prince in Disney movies. (I’m partial to the Prince in Beauty and the Beast. Y’know, before he turns. I think its the hair)

And because I found it unfair to only be talking about the hottest prince with another man, I decided to take it a step further and discuss Disney Princesses. While Jasmine is my favourite Princess, I wouldn’t exactly call her attractive. This led into discussions about different *kinds* of beauty, such as Aurora in Sleeping Beauty. She has that classic kind of look about her. The beautiful eyes, the long flowing, blonde hair. Of the older movies, I would have to say Aurora is the most beautiful, but if we are looking at all the movies, including the modern ones, I am partial to Belle. She has a certain look where she can be plain, but at the same time, beautiful.

This is right around the time that I realized what we were talking about and I had to laugh at myself. I have usually been a very serious person, so to have such an illogical conversation was odd for me. I’m told though, that discussing who is the hottest animated character is actually pretty common. I hope he’s right.


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