The Start of an Adventure

A couple of weeks ago, I saw an ad for a book club. For years I have always said that I wanted to join a book club, or even start a book club, and yet I never actually followed through with this.

Actually, that is not true. Once I started a book club and I had some interest in it, but the first meeting happened to be two really snobby best friends who seemed to snub me for being a young, single mother. It’s not hard to look at me, learn the ages of my children and realize that I was a teenage mom, but that is neither here nor there. Needless to say, this attempt was unsuccessful.

So, I read the ad, and it was simple and direct. Someone who wanted to start a book club and the first book chosen was Fifty Shades of Grey. For awhile I sat and stared at the ad. The last time I jumped on a band wagon, it was the Twilight bandwagon. (yes, I will admit it) and once on, I find it very hard to jump off. So even though there are MANY issues that I have with the Twilight Saga, I own all the movies and all the books. I was really hoping to avoid anymore bandwagon jumping.

But then… I have wanted to join a book club for so long, and it’s not so much the act of reading, it’s the combining the act of reading with getting out of the house, away from children, and meeting new people with similar interests. So I weighed my options. Jump on the bandwagon and meet some potentially great people and make a new friend or two in the process, or stick by my promise of no more bandwagon jumping, and staying in my comfort zone with my current friends.

Well, I hate intentionally staying in my comfort zone , especially when there is an option to carefully explore outside of it, more than I hate bandwagon jumping, so my decision was made up. I sent the coordinator my name, email and phone number and patiently awaited her reply.

Today was our first meeting. It was intended as a ‘get-to-know-you’ meeting so the only requirement was that Chapter 1-3 was read. Seemed simple enough. I showed up at the pre-arranged meeting place at the pre-arranged time, and unfortunately there was only the coordinator there. We sat and we talked and we waited, but it was to no avail. No one else showed up.

Not to worry! The evening was not a total loss. I mean, I DID meet one person, and she seems like a very interesting person. We talked a bit about movies, and interests, and books. Almost everything except the book sitting on our laps. 😛

Finally, when it was apparent that no one else was going to show up, we turned the topic at hand to the reason we both sat in the coffee shop. What will follow will be our discussion on the book that we chose to read.

 ******Spoilers are a given. If you have not read Fifty Shades of Grey, and would like to, I suggest you stop reading now******

Since neither of us are past Chapter 4, there was very little to discuss, but I can say that so far in the book, the characters are unbelievable and unrelatable. First we have Ana. She is 21 years old and it is implied that she has never kissed a man. Not for lack of options either. She just has no desire to. Now while, I do understand that not EVERYONE is as hopeless a romantic as yours truly, humans DO have hormones that normally hit around 12-16 that will lead us to view the opposite (or same in some cases) sex and we will have certain desires. So while, a 21 year old attractive female with no boyfriend can be sellable, a 21 year old, attractive female that has no desire, nor has she ever, is not.

Then there is Christian. He is a 27 year old extremely successful, extremely attractive man, who also has no use for relationships in his life. Now, for the sake of making a sale, I can understand why he would be super successful AND super attractive, but in reality it IS uncommon for a person to be blessed in both aspects. BUT, I will let this one slide, as it HAS been known happen and this IS a work of fiction after all. The hero in a romance has to ALWAYS look like a Greek God. Its the first unwritten rule of writing romance.

What I find hard to believe is both of these characters being thrown together. Usually in traditional plots, one character is impenetrable while the other manages to weasels his or her way under the skin, thus causing character development. But to have BOTH leads have an aversion to relationships, only to have them change their minds at first glance of each other is a pill that I find hard to swallow. Undeniable attraction is well…. undeniable. I have myself been a slave to it before. Having it occur simultaneously, however is a different thing altogether.

So that is my thought on the first few chapters. I will continue to read it however. I mean, I can’t be part of a book club, unless I read the book. Plus, I hate not finishing a book. (Unless its 1984 by George Orwell. Horrendous novel!)  So over the course of the next few weeks, join me as I embark on this new journey 🙂


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