Is it true??

I lost my job April 30. I hit the ground running with my job hunting until a friend suggested I claim EI and take the summer off. Seeing as how this was Babys last summer before school, and Kid was coming home for 4 weeks and I was already nervous to attempt to find child care for him for those weeks, I thought “what the hell?” Seeing as how I never took a maternity leave with either of my children, I thought a summer off would be just what the doctor ordered. Then on May 29th someone mentioned going back to school. I didn’t think it possible. I am a single mom. Of two. How can I afford to fund post secondary eduction? I have a diploma (actually, 2) I should be satisfied with that.

But I knew that a diploma in General studies is almost useless except to get into University; a diploma in Office Administration is helpful in getting a job in an office, but I knew that my goal is to motivate, to inspire, to help people. While I can reach out to people  while working in a lawyer’s office, I didn’t feel like I was reaching my potential. So on May 30 I began looking into school. I knew the first step would be to apply. Then to seek funding options afterwards. On May 31, with the last bit of money I received from my severance pay, I applied for my BA in Psychology. My application for funding was then sent off just a mere 12 days later.

Its been less than a month, and I got home this afternoon and nonchalantly checked the mail, not really expecting to see anything of interest. But there it was. A large manila envelope, with my name on it. I glanced at the return address and was shocked to see it was from the funding office. At first my heart leapt with excitement, and then my excitement dropped as I remembered  the chances of being approved. Then I looked at the envelope again and realized that they would not send such a large, thick rejection letter. I hurriedly opened it up and read the first line 4 times.

“Your application for educational sponsorship has been reviewed and you have been approved…”

I called Boyfriend. I texted everyone I knew. I update Facebook.

Then I read the line again, just to be sure. Its true! As of September, I will be a student. Again!! I wanted to jump up and down with excitement. My heart was ready to pound right of my chest. Then it hit me. I am going to be a student. Again. But this time, as a mom of two; but not only just a Mom, but as a SINGLE mom! Many many nights of studying, and cleaning, and cooking, and more studying. Goodbye social life. Then it hit me. In less than six years I can finally fulfill my lifelong goal of becoming a psychologist, and then I wanted to jump around again.

So I did what any sane person would do. I sat down and cried while reading my acceptance letter one more time.


4 thoughts on “Is it true??

    • I graduated in April ’09. By September ’09 I was missing being a student.
      This is gonna be different though. I’ll be attending a University, not a college. Much bigger, and waaay more intimidating 😛

      • I went to a private liberal arts college. I’ll be heading to get my MSW at a huge university next fall…I’m terrified. Not of the classes or academics. No no…the size. The sheer size. This is a good thing. It’s something you’re doing for you.

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