I sit and gaze out the window, watching the geese stepping with trepidation on the slick ice. I laugh, in spite of myself, as one loses its footing and slips. Moments later he spreads his wings to their full length and ruffles his breast feathers shaking off the damage the fall did to his ego.

I wonder to myself what the geese must be thinking. They are a migratory bird, escaping the wind, snow, and cold by flying to a warmer part of the continent each winter. After four months of basking in the sun’s rays they prepare for the long venture back home. But home is a place where the seasons have a mind of their own and upon arrival they see that the calm waters they reside near are still covered in the very cold, slippery, hard substance that they go to such trouble to escape. Are they stepping with hesitation, exploring this unknown surface unaware of what to expect? Or are they used to arriving to such a setting, knowing full well what will happen if they lose concentration for only a moment?

And now, as the sun rises closer to the middle of the sky, the scene before me awakens even more. There, a mother pushes a stroller, desperate to escape the confines of her house, if only for a little while. A middle-aged man walking briskly, trying to outrun the health risks that follow so close behind at that age. An elderly couple out walking their dog, their only companion in an otherwise empty house since the last of their children has just moved away to begin their own attempt at conquering the world. Two young women; friends no doubt, jogging side by side in a vain attempt to stay thin, beautiful, attractive. Of course they will hide their true motivation behind a screen of facts and figures about health and exercise. Every one of these people completely unaware of the majestic scene occurring before them.


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