A Year of Project- July 15

So already two weeks has passed. We are half way through with July and my goal to complete the Bobble Blanket is slow. I sort of went on a crocheting binge this week but failed to work on almost everything but my list.

We had a horrific heat wave this week, and I do not deal well when I am hot. I get tired and cranky. I hid in my basement and went crazy with my crocheting. So crazy that I even went out and bought 6 skeins of yarn even though I have no specific project for them. :s (it was on sale and the colours were pretty!)

I then attended my first knitters club. The ladies were all so welcoming and great to talk to. It was rather intimidating as I didn’t know a soul, so I only stayed an hour, but the next group, I do intend on staying out longer. 🙂

I also went to the library, and took out “200 Blocks to Crochet”  and since I have almost exhausted my stash by crocheting granny squares, I went to the local second hand store, as I know they usually sell half skeins of yarn. I got a stash of about 20 partial skeins of yarn, in different textures and colours than I normally would use. I figured it was the best way to get out of my comfort zone when it came to types of yarn and colours. This way I can continue practicing granny squares and will have a variety of different types. I am still not sure what I will do with them, but I figure once I get enough, inspiration will hit.

I also managed to get a square done for my swap this month. I am not sure I am 100% in love with it, but it was good to complete. I might try again with some different colours. The Theme this month for our granny square swap was Tweet Tweet and this is the pattern I was able to complete:

Then when I had enough with crocheting squares I found an amigurumi (and anyone who can help me pronounce that, I would be forever in your debt) and decided to try my hand at something fun and new. I made a small little teddy bear for my son (who is healing just fine from his surgery last week) Next, I will make one for Baby. It only took a day and though I am still learning how to properly sew parts of the body together, I am quite please with how it turned out.

Then after 6 days of doing nothing but crocheting I grounded myself from my yarn for a few days. My laundry has been slacking, my homework has been slacking and sometimes I even forget to blog. Only moment after declaring my hiatus from crocheting I “accidently” started a pincushion, and couldn’t stop til it was done. Thankfully, it only took an hour, and naturally I was able to justify the project as I had just bought some pins so I could start blocking my squares , so I needed some place to put my pins so I wouldn’t lose them 🙂

That has been my week. Now, the weather is foggy, cloudy, and a slight possibility of rain. Baby and Kid have both gone to see Dad, so that means I can catch up on laundry and possibly write a short story for submission by the end of the week. I really don’t want to have to be a student in psychology AS well as a distance ed student. Maybe I shouldn’t have slacked so much in my writing course….


20 thoughts on “A Year of Project- July 15

  1. Your hook must have been as hot as the weather. I have that book and admit that it’s very hard not to make every single one of those squares in it. Glad to read your son is doing well after his surgery and I am sure that the bear will definitely help.

  2. I’m glad you also admit that pronoiuncing amigurumi is impossible…so is spelling it..Everytime i come across it I swear I say it differently…can’t spell it either..use copy and pasta!

    • I want to try every square, in order from it. So far I’ve made it to 1 before I had to take a break from crocheting as everything else was being neglected 🙂

  3. If I was hot and miserable I would do the same thing as you –sit and knit! Buying yarn is always fun too, and always seems to lift my spirits. Your boys are lucky to have you crochet them goodies–they will never forget this about you!

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