Year of Projects Update -July 22

Unfortunately this week has been very unproductive in regards to my projects. My children were gone to their fathers for the week so I did essentially NOTHING all week long and it was heavenly!

Until Thursday. Then I had to get my house in order, volunteer at a soup kitchen, finish my mounds of laundry, and try to get one night out while I still could. Then on Saturday I had to give a speech for my Pastor, drive 2 hours to grab my childrens and drive back in time for a church dinner. Oddly enough, the drive back took 3.5 hours. Go figure.

And my week does not stop there. Over the course of the next few days I have commuting to vacation bible school; fit in a workout while they are there while still attending a prayer walk each morning to get to know the worship team that is here; once done I have an hour to pick up the kids, fill their tummy, and get them to Sports Camp which I somehow got roped into volunteering for, and still juggling Baby’s speech therapy each day this week.

Oh lets not forget the interviews for babysitting and Random Movie Night that are shoved into my already busy week. I thought summer was supposed to be relaxing??

Anyway, I did join in on a Mystery Crochet Along on facebook. Today marks Day 3 and I am quite enjoying it. It takes maybe half an  hour a day, so none of my other tasks fall to the wayside.

And besides making slight progress on my Bobble Blanket, I have not touched my crocheting  😦 And my slight, I mean SLIGHT. Its not even worth posting another picture, as it is only about 2 more rows added. I have decided I do not like working with the fine baby yarn. It takes so long to make any sort of progress.

To make matters even worse; I have added a project. My church has had an intern for the past 6 weeks and she leaves back to North Carolina in 2 weeks. I thought making her something to remember Canada by would be a cute idea. I thought maybe an amigurumi beaver, or Canadian Goose (although I found NO patterns for a canadian goose) but Boyfriend thought that a Beaver toque might be the way to go. Very Canadian. All youse Americans: When you think of Canada, what animal comes to mind?

Although, my goal of joining in two swaps is complete. As soon as I post the packages. They are put together, and addressed. I am just trying to find time to write each of my partners a letter.

So that is my week in a nutshell, and I do suspect that the following week will be just as productive. Hope you all made more progress than I.


19 thoughts on “Year of Projects Update -July 22

  1. I have to say that when someone says Canada, the first animal that pops into mind is a moose – and it has nothing to do with ignorance – I have a friend that lives by Toronto and we joke about moose blocking traffic (and he retorts with cows blocking mine). Sounds like a busy busy summer 🙂 Hopefully things will calm down a bit and you can take a breath!

    • A moose WAS an option at one point, but I live in southern alberta and meese are usually native to northern alberta (one thing I miss about living up there.) So in her entire time in town, she has never seen a moose…. I guess I COULD try to slyly find out what animals she thinks of when she hears Canada. (discreet is never my strong point tho 😛 )
      Kids leave again for another week next Sunday. I will be able to breathe a bit then!! 🙂

  2. Oh my what a busy week you have in front of you, hoping you get everything done. Good job you had a relaxing one last week. I’m afraid when I think of Canada I think Moose also, its the first thing that popped into my head.

  3. Ha, do you really want to hear that I (from the UK) think moose too! I made a mini moose for my biggest boy a year or so ago, I’ll see if I can link it up to you.

    Sounds like you have a lot on your shoulders, hope you get some let up, or doubled up energy to deal with it all!

    • Thank you Faith! I think a Moose it will be 🙂
      it seems the more I have on my to do list, the more energy I have. I’m sure I will survive. I’m just glad its only one week :p

  4. Sorry, it’s a moose from me as well, and Faith’s was gorgeous. It’s been a slow crochet week in our house as well, sometimes things just don’t allow time to sit and hook.

  5. Wow, you need to find some quiet time and have a cuppa and take a deep breath…tho don’t have anything caffenated! When people first learned I was Canadian, they told me they picutured seals, and igloo’s…That made me laugh, I lived on that frozen, barran, snow covered, rock called Labrador and never saw an igloo!

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