I’m still alive!!!

I have to say that throughout the week I had my doubts that I would survive the week. I woke up on Monday and was able to continue my workout regimen. Dropped the kids off at VBS and then showed up at my church and was instantly put to work. Then I had just enough time to take off to pick up the kids and bring them back to Sports Camp and stay until about 6:00. Then as the week went on it got more and more tiring. Every day of the week I had some sort of plan. Either a concert in the park; movie night; crochet and knitting group; bbq; At one point I had to not only pick up the regular young girl I picked up for Sports Camp but I was responsible for four others. That is 7 in total. 7 kids between the ages of 4 and 7.

Then when the weekend hit, I still had a very busy schedule.

Whats that? I’m crazy? why yes, I would have to agree.

And on top of all of that, I still had a herd of moose to make. Why did I increase one moose to 6 meese, I have no idea. As it stood, I ended up getting only 4 completed by the end of last night. Unfortunately the team from NC left at 7 am this mornings so now it appears I need to send it as a package.

So on top of being Mom and Volunteer and crocheting my little heart out to the point that I passed out each and every night; I let all of my other responsibilities lag. I did not write my year of projects post. Hell I didn’t even write a review of last weeks movie; my house hasn’t been cleaned in a week and one day this week I even walked in only to see a huge dresser and 3 boxes of toys laying in my living room. Joys, now I have rearranging to do in my daughters room.

And now I am making myself even more busy; I am babysitting today; Wednesday and friday. I am driving to a city 3 hours away on both Wednesday and thursday. It seems that my only FREE day is on Tuesday. One day to get my house back in order and take a look at my to do list to see if there is something that I have forgotten.

It was an exhausting week, but it was also the most fulfilling week I have had in a long time. and just to include some icing on the cake, Kid moved back. (which means one more thing on my to do list, i have to register him in school) 😀


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