Where oh Where….

… does the time go?

It was just a mere week (and a bit) ago that I declared that yes. I was still alive. And since then, I have fallen off the face of the earth again.

I am still crocheting. I was able to get 4/5 of my Moose done by the deadline. So now when I get them done (cuz I took a break) I will have to mail them to North Carolina.

Kid and Baby are in a new Bible school this week, and since I had so much fun volunteering for sports camp, I have done it again. Thankfully its only about 2.5 hours a day, not 8.

School is starting up REALLY soon! I’m really excited about that but have decided that as Mom of Two, I cannot take 5 classes. Since Kid has moved back home (EXCITED MAMA!!) that adds soccer on top of two youth groups and dance class. So I have decided to span my degree over the course of three years instead of two. Mama comes first. Class comes second.

My mystery crochet along got thrown to the back burner. Day 19 was given 4 days ago, and I JUST completed day 5. Oops.

My workout lasted all of 3 days before chaos set in and I threw it out. I had every intention of picking it up again after chaos. Naturally I didn’t. So maybe when school starts, or the week before. Either way, I haven’t TOTALLY given up on it. Yet.

But now that things are BEGINNING to calm down (calm before the storm) I do have plans for my blog. I will make it priority again! I promise! šŸ™‚ Have a great week!


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