Breathe, Quack, and Be Merry

DENTIST time. Statistically speaking they are the most hated people in western society. I can attest to that. I hate my dentist.

Actually, truth  be told, my dentist is a very hard person to hate; but just walking into his office causes anxiety attacks in me.

I had an extraction scheduled, and then later that day my children’s yearly cleaning. (For the record, I chickened out as my dentist approached me with the freezing) but my children did wonderful. It was Kid’s third time getting a cleaning, and fourth time in his chair. (He had two teeth pulled and did WONDERFULLY) Baby, however needed some coaxing as the xray machine intimidated her. After that though, she was so proud of herself for getting the cleaning done, she was walking around with an open mouth showing everyone her “shiny” teeth.

THEN comes the worst part of the visit. I thought that dentists were the most hated; turns out its ex-husbands. Apparently mine cancelled my daughters coverage, without  notifying me.

Now, in the grande scheme of things, $200 is not much. (actually, to a single mother of two who attends University that is about a months worth of gas or a weeks worth of food… ) I know that it will be easy to find the money. I may have to skip out on some back to school supplies; maybe forgo the trip I had planned at the end of the month. But it still angered me to the point that I wanted to yell. Loudly. And I wanted to do this to the weasel I have the shame to call my ex.

I spent all afternoon trying to see the silver lining to this situation. I was unsuccessful. But I was getting close to accepting it. That is, until I checked my bank statement and realized that the cad ALSO refused me child support again.

So on top of the “Here. I don’t want Kid, even though less than a year ago, I begged for him to move in with me and threatened to fight you for custody” I also get “and SINCE you now are fully financially responsible for BOTH of my children, I think I’m gonna stop paying you as well”

Again, its not that I NEED his help in anyway. I have always made things work. I have always gotten the ends to meet. What really upsets me is the fact that, I (made the mistake) of counting on him and I was let down.

So here I go, trying to Quack at this situation. Trying to smile. Trying to remember that I am always taken care of. And then the kids begin to fight and I wonder why I even bother fighting this bad mood. It seems it is destined to stick around for the rest of the day.


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