Truly Blessed

So as an update to my previous post I have to ask again, What have I done to deserve Kid?

He knows that last year I set up two bank accounts. One for him and one for Baby. Last month, between his allowance, bottle picking and the mere $5 a month I give to him, he was able to purchase his very own Nintendo DSi and 3 games. He still has money left over. He has lent me money between paycheques. He has even paid for a portion of the family swim pass this summer. (Baby paid for the other part.)

He heard part of the conversation between the receptionist and I at the Dentist  office. Then when I talked to the Office Manager he was able to piece together what had occurred. He only has a portion of what is needed for the bill, but as we drove home, he asked me “Do you want me to help pay for it?” /heartsmiles!!

Later this evening, as I am still working on improving my mood, I informed him “no, I do not want to learn to play your video game; Mama is still cranky.”

His reply was one unexpected. He understands bad moods, and accepts when I’m in one. So I knew he would say “ok.” But the “are you sure you don’t want help paying for it” was something I didn’t expect.

I love my son so much. His maturity at times rivals most of the adults in my life. His compassion is something that I have never known. His generosity is unheard of; esp in a child so  young. I am truly blessed to have him in my life. ❤ ❤


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