Best part of Summer

I love rainy days. I am not a fan of the heat. It causes crankiness and dehydration and so many other things that I would rather not deal with.

But then you get that one rainy day. Baking cookies is a rainy day activity. You can’t bake cookies when the heat is so sweltering outside. Hell, I don’t even want to turn on my stove when its +30, let alone my oven to 375. :s

And the smell of rain is so purifying; refreshing. Angels playing in God’s sprinkler. The sound of the drops against the house is romantic. Although, I can romanticize damn near everything, but I love sitting in my house and listening to nothing but the rain outside.

And lets not forget puddle jumping. On the rare days that the rain is warm enough to bathe in, and the wind stops for a few precious moments, there is nothing better than dragging your children out to jump in a few puddles. My favourite part is the look of bewilderment on their faces when you tell them to get their shoes on even though its pouring rain. The questions of “why” and “where are we going” are always left unanswered. Then as we go to the end of the street and I point to a puddle and say jump, they both stand around waiting for the punchline. Who is this woman and what did she do to Mom?, and should we listen to her? What happens if we DO get wet??

Its not until they see mom running the length of the street in the gutter, splashing water high with each forceful step, only to stop in front of them with a large jump that sprays puddles in their faces do they realize they can start to take advantage of the rare moment that Mom is allowing puddle jumping.

Of course, the best part of that is the hot chocolate we drink as we drive off, still listening to rain outside.



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