Small Town vs Big City

Friday night was an adventure that I won’t soon forgot. Nor will Baby, and unfortunatley Boyfriend.

I went to drop my son off at Bible Camp. I checked my gas gauge when we left and noticed it was at half a tank and had we not been running later than I had originally planned to leave, I would have filled up before we left to the camp, located about 60 km outside of town, 15km away from a small village. We arrived at camp just at my gas light lit up. Knowing I have a bit of time before I actually run out of gas, I figured I would have enough to make it to the village. And I did. Unforuntately, the village only has a cardlock. A gas station for truckers who own a company card.

I considered my options. Drive 50 k to a gas station a local recommended, drive 60k to a gas station on the way home, or drive 48 km to the closest gas station that my GPS was leading me to, but would take me in the OPPOSITE direction of home.

I would have been better off with either of the options that I DID take. I opted for the closest. I managed to make it to a village on the way, that had a new station that my GPS didn’t recognize. But it had closed just hours before we arrived. So I hopped back in and continued on the way. I made it 15.7km away before I ran out of gas. Boyfriend and I sat around for about half an hour with sleeping Baby (who btw, is really 4) in the backseat weighing our options. I called everyone I knew. One family had their grandbabies and was unable to leave. Another was camping, close to where we were stranded; another was in the states on vacation; a few more didn’t answer their phone. Finally, after car 15 passed and didn’t stop Boyfriend began his trek to the closest town…. and a phone with no charge.

I stayed with Baby, who ended up waking up. I made a make shift bed in the front seat for her and she dozed for another ten minutes before she rolled over and began telling stories and asking questions. Another 1o cars passed. Thank goodness for technology, as I updated my fb status, and one friend commented on it. Him and I have had a rough go at things. We are rarely on the same path at the same time, so throughout the twelve years I have known him we have had years where we really close, and we have had years where we didn’t want to have anything to do with one another. It was only about 3-4 weeks ago that we have renewed our friendship, but only electronically. Of all the people that I thought would save me, HE was the one to drive the hour + to bring me gas. Poor Boyfriend. With no phone, there was no way I could communicate to him that we were saved. So on he continued.

Long story short, I got gas in my car, started it up, and drove along the road looking for Boyfriend praying to God that he would have the good sense to call me if someone ended up picking him up. I passed a turn off leading to a well known town in the area I lived in and thought “Oh God, I hope he didn’t take THAT turn off, cuz that’s not the one we wanted. Please let him call me!” Instantly  my phone rang. It was Boyfriend. He was en route back to me with gas. I notified him of my events and we made a prearranged meeting spot. The Good Samaritan had no qualms with bringing him to where  I was headed. Friend ended up following to make sure I made it to a gas station as well. I met up with Boyfriend, and we made it home. Four hours after the anticipated time.

It got me thinking about Big City and Small Town manners. The first village we stopped at advised that we try the cardlock anyway, and explain the situation.
Had there been someone there, we may have been able to get enough gas to continue to an open gas station. She said that if we weren’t able to find anyone to try to find her and she would ask her husband, a carrier of the coveted company card and chances are he would be able to help us out a bit. The Good Samaritan that picked up Boyfriend was a farmer and had some gas at his farm, and was willing to give it to us to make it home. They even went out of their way after we were already saved. And refused any sort of repayment we had tried to offer.

I wonder if people who live in big cities would have the same courtesy and need to help out, with no expectations of receiving anything in return? Or would they have the mindframe that I got myself into a bind, it is my responsibility to get myself out? Would they scoff at my predicament, or would they sympathize and help out? I have lived in Big cities my entire adult life. I moved from a small town when I was 8. Too young to know the ways of the world yet. So Big Cities are all I know. I doubt that I would come across anyone as generous as these two individuals were had I ran into the same problem in a city. I DO know however, that the next time I see a car on the side of a road with their hazard lights on, I will not assume that they have things taken care of. Even the use of a phone would be better than nothing, and being in the same position, I can honestly say that I would rather have had 10 cars stop rather than just the one that actually did.


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