Year of Projects Update

I have taken a hiatus from life for so long I do not even remember what was on my initial list. I KNOW I didn’t complete ANY of my July goals, and with Life acting the way it is, I think my only goal for August is: Survive!

With Kid moving back home and volunteering, my crocheting has taken a serious back burner to everything else. Lets see if I can whip up an update.

The cardigan has been frogged. I didn’t do a swatch for it, and I was barely into it to make ANY sort of progress. I figured if I want to do it later, when I have some FO, then I can start from scratch.

The baby blanket has been pushed back. I am no longer in contact with the original recipient anyway. I will probably pick it back up again at a later date.

Baby’s blanket has been started and I hope to get it done quickly so I can start in on Kids. Stupid two birthdays within five days of each other. Boyfriends blanket is still low priority.

I have also added 3 more projects that I would like to complete. In fact, that I would like to START, but I won’t until I have at least Kid and Baby’s blanket done.

This week, I have started on Baby’s blanket (pictures next week) and made two large granny squares out of the 200 Crochet blocks book I borrowed from the library. I used some scrap yarn that I received from a thrift store. It was a bulky yarn and one that I have never used before. They whipped up quite quickly and was about twice as large as I was expecting, but I am pleased with the finished project.

I hope to finish the last two moose next week. I have nothing on my agenda besides one quick babysitting gig, so I do have time to dedicate to it and get it in the post by the end of the month.

To be quite honest, I am rather overwhelmed with Life. The past few weeks have been so incredibly busy that I have fallen behind on so many things. Crocheting, cleaning… everything. I guess I can take comfort in the fact that my children are all ready for school; dentist and eye appointments are complete. There are no more bible schools to attend, or volunteer at. The next three weeks can be dedicated ot realxing! and to getting my house back in order. It seems that every little bit of progress I make is nullified by something else popping up. I have time to get a room clean, well then I have two loads of laundry to do and dishes. I get the laundry done, and now i have 2 more rooms to clean. Its enough to make me want to scream!

So, to avoid this becoming a rant, I will end it there. This is supposed to be a YoP post; not a Life post 🙂  Until next week!


8 thoughts on “Year of Projects Update

  1. It sucks when real life intrudes and causes a rukus. In times like these, when I am faced with what seems like overwhelming days…When attempting a task I always ask myself..”how important is this”? not important..then put it on the back burner and move on…maybe things won’t seem so daunting…yop’s and xtra’s are good dstressers..only if the real important things are addressed first..also…

    occasional RANTING is great for the soul…so go on and shout your lungs out!

  2. Sounds like you’ve been super busy and you deserve to relax for a bit! Crafting should be for relaxation, not something you feel you have to do!

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