Cleaning like a Mofo

Due to a couple weeks worth of volunteering, and crocheting projects on the go, and every day Mommy-ing, my house looks like Hurricane Kid whipped through, followed by Hurricane Baby. I have been able to get bits and pieces of house work done, but I have only seemed to be able to contain and maintain the mess. So today, I have declared Clean Like a MoFo Day. I am going to get the majority of my house work done, and then prioritize what needs to be done over the course of the next few days. I still have loads of appointments to attend before school begins, as well as Back to School Shopping and book shopping.

So here, so I do not get sidetracked, or forget what needs to be done is my own personal list of chores that I hope to complete in the next few days, and likely, in the order I will get it done.

My room: As it is the least used room, it gets neglected. Including walls and floors

Hallway: As it is the MOST used in the house it collects dust and junk. Including walls, floors and banisters

Bathroom: ’nuff said.

Laundry: I forget to fold and end up with a laundry room looking like it threw up.

Childrens rooms: Though they can do most of the work, I still need to supervise and inspect

Kitchen: I cannot function with a messy kitchen. I cannot function when dishes need to be done. Which is likely the cause of my mood the past few days. But I know if I get the kitchen done, I will begin to slack so it is lower on my list to keep motivation up.

Bedding: cause its about that time that it needs to get done.

Dining room

Living room: most used room, it looks like a disasterI

Play room: I hate this room. I always see spiders. it gets neglected but cause of Kid moving back, its being used, which means it needs to be cleaned and rearranged.

Car: this is a low priority job that can be done tomorrow between appointments

Yard: this is another low priority job. I can do it tomorrow after appointments, or on Wednesday.

Other tasks: Books will be picked up tomorrow, phone calls made tomorrow, back to school shopping this weekend.

Then when things are back in order, I will begin my meal planning and workout on Sunday.

Aaaand away we go!

Two three five jobs to do before school:
– go through clothes and sort and get rid of by posting on kijiji and/or fb
– Go through Kids clothes and hang his shirts for easy locating.
– clean underneath the stairs

– Clean fridge

-sort through yarn stash and find a place  it can live in.


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