Random Shout Out #1

Browsing through Facebook I came across someone who, in an effort to be positive, and spread positivity, has decided to do a random shout out each morning to a friend on her fb list. Seeing as how much I have on my plate already, I figured, I am going to adapt her idea and do one each Monday morning in hopes of starting off my week with positivity. Not only will I do so on my Fb status, but I will also blog about it.

My first week, my random shout out goes to my aunt who is not really my aunt. I met her for the first time a month before she was due to marry my uncle. Her and my mother became fast friends, and I ended up spending the majority of my weekends at her place. After my mom died, and my foster parents sent me to Social services, I ended up living with my aunt and uncle. I was 15. I stayed with them until I was 18 when I moved in with my fiance. When I ended up getting pregnant 6 months later, my aunt and uncle opened their doors back up to me, renovated their house to include a bedroom suite and allowed my (now husband) and I to live there with discounted rent, in hopes that we could save for our own house. (Had I been married to ANYONE else, we may have been able to) During this time, I had a falling out with my family, moved out, and stopped talking to them.

Years later, I am pregnant with my second and had left my husband and through fate started talking to my aunt again, who had started an ugly divorce from my uncle. (Hence the not really my aunt part). Since I was pregnant, with a toddler boy, and no place to live, starting school in a few months, my aunt opened her doors once again to me, and moved me in with her. It was a symbiotic relationship, as she needed support just as much, if not more than I did. I managed to get back on my feet and find a place with my new boyfriend and our three children.

A year later, I find myself on her doorstep again. I had found my boyfriend in bed with my best friend. YIKES! It was 4 am, and I walked out of the house, with no real place to go. My children were with their father, so I had the ability to do that. (My boyfriends daughter, however was still in the house, yet he found it quite prudent to leave the house to f*ck my best friend who lived six doors down!) I found myself drawn to my aunts house that she now shared with her new husband. A man that my kids affectionately call uncle, even though there is no REAL relation there. Even though I woke her up in the dead of the night, she once again opened her house up to me. She allowed me to stay with her for a few days until I was strong enough to face the situation at home.

That was three years ago now. She has supported me, and guided me through EVERY rough situation I have been through. She is the Mom that I never had, and she is the one I turn to when I have a situation with the kids that I don’t know how to handle. She is the one that I turn to with each breakup that I go through. It was only 8 months ago that I was laying on the floor in her house crying over a man. She has watched my friendship with Boyfriend develop over the past 12 years, watched as we attempted a relationship 11 years ago, supported me as that ended, and encouraged me to attempt a friendship again. She watched my son being born, and was there for me during both pregnancies and both labours. She threw me both baby showers, and has watched my children grow into the wonderful people they are becoming. She has even shaped me into being the woman that I am. There are only three people in this entire world that I credit to profoundly changing my life. My aunt is one of those three. We have survived the test of time, relationships, and every trial Life could throw at us. Blood may be thicker than water, but this woman is my REAL family.


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