Do I believe in soulmates?

Absolutely! I met Boyfriend 12 years ago now. I have referred to him as my soulmate for about three years, but it wasn’t until just recently that I began to look at him in a romantic way.

He is the only one that has ever been able to know my soul. My deepest desires, my darkest secrets. He makes me feel special, and wanted and he complements me in every way. He is my brain when I forget mine, and the other half of my heart. No one has ever understood me the way that he has. No one has ever known me the way he does. Many have tried, all have failed. It was Boyfriend that coined the term “Lilypadding.” When I get ranting, and am unable to complete a thought without jumping to another, only to jump to three more before returning to my original thought to finish it.

Which is why lilypads will be our centerpieces at our wedding.

He is the only that is able to keep up with me on my busy days. Not just the things that I do, but the way that I feel and the thoughts that I think. there have been a number of occasions where he has been able to look at me and know what I was feeling before I felt it. He is my best friend and my soulmate. Two people who have been drawn together in life despite circumstances, life choices and many other factors that have tried to tear us apart.


5 thoughts on “Soulmating

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