Cats are Better than Dogs!

I have been babysitting this adorable Bichon Schitzu dog for the past week. I don’t think I could have asked for a better dog. As long as she has water and some food, she is content. She isn’t particularly a large dog, so there is no mess. No mess, no fuss, right?

Naturally she is curious about  my kitties, but a couple days and a few hisses later and she has learnt to leave them alone. My kids are wonderful and walk Mollie about 2-3x daily. She rarely barks, only if there is someone at the door, and a simple “Quiet!” is usually all she needs to settle down.

But even so, I realize that I am a cat person, through and through. Don’t get me wrong, dogs are… okay. But I love my kitties. I love their independence. They do not need to be walked, which means, I do not need to worry about Baby as she embarks on the adventure of walking around the block by herself. If they want outside, they meow at the door until it magically opens. They are fed only once a day, and Kid is usually really good about remembering, and then I do not need to be aware of where that food goes once its digested.

Mollie on the other hand, young and energetic adores her walks, and will try to sneak out if that magical door opens. She needs to be released from the house almost simultaneously as her meal, and then her mess needs to be picked up afterward.

But what has really cemented the whole Cat Person debate in me is night time. I like my space when I sleep. I like to be able to roll over if I so choose. I like to stretch my legs in the middle of the night, and I am still in the process of training Boyfriend to stay on HIS OWN side of the bed, but Boyfriend I can tolerate. Boyfriend gives me a whole lot more than Mollie does. What I cannot stand though is having Mollie sleeping curled into the small of my back so I am unable to roll over… or sleeping on my legs so I cannot stretch if I wanted. No matter where we are, she must be touching me. I find the clinginess very daunting. (Could explain why I was single for so long :P)


Now, I like cuddles, but like my cats, I like cuddles on MY time. I do not feel trapped when I roll over and notice Beauty has claimed a corner of my bed to herself. A small corner, up at the top, so I can roll around and kick all I want without disturbing her, or interrupting my slumber. In fact, I find that the ultimate display of affection. I can wake, give her a cuddle or two and then off I go back to sleep with her beside me.

Princess is much the same. (Although as I am typing this, she is standing on my keyboard trying to get kisses from me :/ ) She leaves me alone at night, and around 6 am every single morning she will come for her snuggles. I have actually heard her jumping off Kids bed to come downstairs to wake me for Morning Snuggles. And while this is still an interruption of sleep, its almost a welcome interruption. Its always 15 minutes before my alarm goes off, and Princess has learnt that she f she comes when I start to stir she will miss her Morning Snuggles, so now she makes sure that she doesn’t. (I REALLY threw her for a loop when I began waking earlier to work out. Poor Pretty Princess. )

And, if you really need one more reason why cats are better than dogs, cats don’t stink. Even if Mollie isn’t touching me I know she is close by cuz the smell of Dog follows her everywhere she goes. Blech!


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