17 more Days…

That has become my mantra over the course of the past few days. Since I begin school on the same day as my children, I have installed a countdown widget on my phone. I am so excited to start this new chapter in my life!

But lately, that widget has a whole new use.

Maybe its because I’m sick. Maybe its because I have had my children so busy and now they suffer cabin fever. Maybe its the whole adapting process thing since Kid has moved back permanently. What ever the cause, the effect is driving me insane.

I am irritable; I am tired; I am cranky. I want to strangle my children some days. I want to kick them out and not let them back in for a few hours.

I want a weekend to myself. (Maybe Mama is having some adaptation issues as well) This is one main reason why I have developed my very own personal Parenting Prayer. Something that I say every morning hoping to find the strength to fight another day.

Kid and Baby don’t get along. They fight. CONSTANTLY. And I am well aware of the fact that not only are they siblings, but they are brother and sister. Two completley different individuals with two completely different interests. Plus, not to mention the age difference. 7 and 5 are tough ages and to have to raise them at the same time does not bode well on this sick Mama.
I know what my children are capable of, because I’ve seen it. When a child threatens to break up their sacred bond, they will stand by each other, a united front. When one is sick, the other does everything in his or her power to nurse their sibling back to health; when one is sad, they do everything to make it better. They have an intense love for each other, and it does make me proud to see. I just wish I could see it more often.

So on those days that they make me want to rip my hair out, I glance at my widget and realize that there is ONLY 17 more days until we all go back to school and this cabin fever that we suffer from will finally go away.

And yes, I am well aware that attending University while raising two children, one VERY strongwilled, will pose a whole new set of challenges. Right now though, I’m only concerned about surviving THIS set.


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