Technological Advances

In today’s age, technological communication has almost surpassed traditional communication. People would now rather text message someone their plans, rather than call them. Facebook is the most popular kid in school, sending invites to events and monitoring RSVPs. Even Wedding plans are mostly electronic lately.

While I am very much another victim that has succumbed to the technological age, I do have on pet peeve regarding it. Mainly text messages.

I am not one to ignore a text message for longer than 10 minutes. My email is set up through my phone, and most everything else is set up through my email, so I am able to ‘stay in touch’ pretty much everywhere I go, at any time. My cell phone has become a lifeline to my cyber-world. But one thing that really bothers me is when I receive a text message from someone when I am dead asleep.

Now, okay, I understand that people are not mind readers. They do not know when I go to bed, and considering the hours that I keep, its hit or miss. Sometimes I’m in bed as early as 8, sometimes as late as 1 a.m. Rarely will I get upset at someone for waking me up. And I will always check the message, on the off chance it is something of importance (which 98% of the time, it isn’t)

What really bothers me however is when I reply to the text message with a “go away I’m sleeping” text, or more common for me a  “Shhhh” or “Zzzz” text. Common sense would dictate that the other party would just leave well enough alone, right?

Unfortunately, common sense isn’t all that common. More often than not, just as I am dozing back off to sleep, my phone will bleep again. Again, thinking that something earth shattering has happened, I grab my phone and read the message that has just arrived. It reads: “oh, sorry. I’ll talk to you later.”

A) if you are really sorry, WHY in the world would you send another one JUST to say you are sorry?? Just leave well enough alone. Or SHOW me you’re sorry by NOT following up and waking me again.

B) the likelihood of ‘talking to me later’ decreases the more often you wake me up!

This happened to me last night, and the exchange actually went on for three rounds. Granted, I wasn’t sleeping, but I WAS preoccupied and I told my texter as such. She replied with a yeah okay, I need to go to bed soon anyway. Okay? so why interrupt my preoccupation again just to notify me of this.

Stupidly, I replied with Night night. And again, I get an interruption, this time it read just night.

I guess *I* could probably gain some common sense and begin to turn my phone off when I do not want to be interrupted.


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