What an Honour

Just weeks ago, I receive the message.  My good friend, who has been with her boyfriend for three years is FINALLY engaged.

Which, was no big shock, really. Her and I used to sit side by side and plan our weddings together. We both know that our current relationships are “the one.” For both of us, our significant others are well aware that our weddings have already been half planned. We would discuss colours, themes, destinations, honeymoons, and even our wedding party.

I have known this woman since high school. I watched as she went through her first wedding, and subsequent divorce after years of abuse. She stood by as I became a teen mom, and as I went through my own failed marriage.  I watched as she found her new niche in life. She has become Aunty to  my kids. I was very happy to know that she has finally found a decent man and together they are going to build a new life. So it came as no surprise when she had said that I would likely be in the wedding party. Especially when she said it after I had told her she is also in my wedding party.

So even though I am sick, and can barely breathe at times (I even lost my voice for a time last night) I made every effort to show up to her engagement party last night. How can one of her bridesmaid NOT be at the engagement party.

(It was also the only one that had to bow out early due to children being at home. It was the first time in a LOOOONG time where I have hung out in a group of people and been the ONLY mother in the group.)

The celebratory congratulations went around the table and then we got down to it. Wedding talk. I love wedding talk! I love hearing others ideas, and since I have 3 years to plan MY wedding, inspiration can come for the first two years before I begin implementing anything. Plans to go bridesmaid dress browsing arose and my friend declared her colours to be teal and chocolate brown. I got really excited to go look at dressed until I realized what colour I heard.


I reminded her about my horrific 24th birthday. Not only is it the one where NO ONE showed up but her, but I have not been able to live down my decision on which outfit to wear. I horrendous teal form fitting dress. (granted, I also paired it with a hot pink cowboy hat, hot pink leggings, and hot pink accessories. I like to be noticed.) Now, 2 years later, and I am still teased by people. My boyfriend does not like seeing me in blue as his brain associates “blue” with the Horrendous Dress of 2010. I don’t look good in teal.

Her solution was simple. “Find a dress in chocolate brown. The Maid of Honour usually wears a different dress than the rest of the bridesmaids anyway. ”

And that is how she asked me to be her Maid of Honour. I am very excited. The first thing I did when I got home was Google Maid of Honour duties. I know that they are the go-to girl for help in planning the wedding. Which I will gladly do! If I spend the next year planning HER wedding, it will take my mind off the fact that there is still 650 days until I can even start *planning* mine.

Have you been a bridesmaid/maid of honour in a wedding? What did your duties entail? Do you have any horror stories? Advice?


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