Woooah Girl!

I am very excited for my new adventure. You can read all about it here. I have had some interest sparked within the community, and I have a very good feeling about it. I also have another close friend, a fellow mother going back to school as well, who has showed some interest.

The excitement for that has me pumped with adrenaline. I started shooting out MORE ideas. And I know I am likely going to regret it. Not only do I start classes in weeks, but I am seriously debating attending School Council again. Its only 2 hours a month, surely I can handle that time commitment, no?
I also have my knitting circle that meets twice a month. Due to scheduling conflict, I will only be able to attend once. So already, combined with my book club, that is only 3 personal commitments per month. That seems 100% plausible!

But then I started thinking not only about my monthly commitments, but also my WEEKLY commitments. Not including my classes that is Youth Group, which I volunteer at, driving Kid to soccer twice a week and driving Baby to dance once. So that is four commitments per week. If we are looking at it on a monthly perspective, that is only 16 + my 3 personal commitments.

The second idea that I had today was a Babysitting Co-op. As a single mom, I know the hassle of trying to locate a sitter, and then the constant fear that I will run out of money before I can pay the sitter. So I canvassed my friends on facebook to see if they would be willing to enter into a Babysitting Co-op. Essentially, it is a group of women, who exchange babysitting services. To keep it fair, we start  with X amount of hours and log babysitting services rendered and babysitting services used. If a person uses all their babysitting hours, they will need to start babysitting in order to gain more hours to be used. So a “commit only the amount of time that you can spare” sort of deal.

And finally, my third idea is a monthly menu swap. Currently, the mechanics of such a feat elude me. I figure it can be a group of women who get together once a month to share favourite recipes that they have used. We can have themed swaps where its dinner entrees or slow cooker, or dessert recipes. Or we can rotate the recipes so one person brings a side dish recipe, one a dessert, one a entree etc and instead of just the recipe, also bring a sample of the dish. That way, if we have 6 people bringing one dish each, it will be like an entire meal! Another perk to that is you give one recipe and gain 3, 4, or 5 all in one month.

Then I realized that I was getting out of control. Again. I love to be busy, but do I really want to have 65% of the days in one month already accounted for by extra curricular activities? And STILL try to find time to be able to workout throughout the week?
I wonder if this is another classic case of me biting off more than I can chew?


4 thoughts on “Woooah Girl!

  1. If you could see me sitting at this computer laughing.. your enthuasism is infectious… after months, weeks and days of debating to take my place at uni ..never mind what all I will have to juggle your blog has gave me determination that I CAN AT THE AGE OF 37 WITH FOUR KIDS DO THIS!!!!!
    thank you. xox

    • Oh susie, I’m so Happy to hear you say that! New challenges are scary and overwhelming but also so rewarding. Cliche, I know. But it will definitely be worth it. 😀

      • one slight problem though…. how do i convince everyone else in my house that after two years off stressing, shouting, crying, throwing things when my deadline was getting closer for my essays … I want to do it all again for another 3yrs???? Oh and that we probably will be living on toast and beans for the next while…

        • Well, since you went thru it, you will know how to time manage better. 😉
          As for the finances… it will build character. 🙂
          have faith, and you will be provided for. 🙂

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