Pre-emptive Procrastination

Originally, I thought of  titleing this “Pre-emptive Studying”. Then I realized that I am no longer studying, but procrastinating.

I am a nerd. I bought my University text books and fully intended to study the first chapter of each class before classes even commenced.

And I DID!

okay… I studied the first chapter of THREE classes. My last class looks horrendously boring and my professor has even advised that there will be a book report component on the first chapter. So the Nerd in me goes “YAY! I can complete my first assignment!”

Now, I find myself stalling as I do not want to read that horrificly boring book. The thought of merely reading it, and skipping out on the book report never crossed my mind as an option. My brain doesn’t work like that. I have a task, and I always have to take the hardest path to complete that task.

Oh, whats that? My child wants a bunny themed birthday? Lets google ways to BAKE a bunny cake. Not buy, nope. I have to bake it. A potluck? Even though I am a working mother of two kids who have extracurricular activities? Lets stay up until 1 am baking cookies for it! Reading a book and foregoing on the book report just does not compute.

To  make matters worse, my Psych prof emailed me. Apparently we do NOT begin with chapter 1. (Which, by the time I had received the email had already been read, review questions were answered, study cards had been made and definitions were defined). No, we start on Chapter 13. Which is the origin of language. Origin meaning, what part of the brain we use for different parts  of language (comprehending, aquisition, production etc). If I wanted to take biology, I would have enroled in a biology class.

UGH! is all I can say. I want so badly to be able to read, review, and study Ch 13. I love psychology, I really do, and to be honest, this chapter IS interesting… I just have to FIND the interesting parts buried beneath all that brain junk.

And so, as will be the case for many months to come, I sat. With my books on my lap, my pens laid out in front of me, my binder off to the side, and my index waiting and ready….

And my computer screen had on it: wedding dresses, wedding ideas, wedding tips from  Pinterest. Oh yes, I began planning a wedding when I should have been studying. And it wasn’t even MY wedding!

Of course when I realized that I was becoming Maid of Honour-zilla I rectified that situation.

And began researching Maid of Honour duties, tasks, reminder lists; bacheleorette ideas, bridal shower ideas.

So I woke up the next day and made a solemn vow to stay OFF Pinterest until I had my chapter studied.  So instead, I ended up becoming inspired from a pin I noticed the day prior. After the mornings pancake breakfast (there is a fair in town. There has been a pancake breakfast every day this week :D) off to Walmart I went to retrieve the supplies to make a month long menu planner!

Then its Hey Ho! Home we go! And now I have made another solemn vow. This will not become an unfinished project. Though I have enough recipes to get me through the month of september, I want this project to be one that I can go and retrieve some recipes and place them on the board and its done. Each day, week, month I plan say a “chicken” meal and then I have to go researching chicken recipes. Nope, not this time.  I want ALL my recipes in ONE place

And so, as my Psych book lays next to me and my index cards are begging to be used I am off to search for recipes so that I can complete this menu planner,making meal planning infinitely easier while I’m in school. (Didja see the use of justification I used? I’m good at that 😛 )

And so, before school has even begun, I have achieved some pre-emptive procrastination.


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