Exclusive Groups

I was browsing around on Ravelry when I came across a discussion. It got me thinking, and I figured I would put my two cents in. Or… rather out, seeing as how I am posting here instead of there.

The discussion is about an exclusive, Invite-only group being initiate on Ravelry, a place where all yarn-associated crafters can get together and interact. Apparently a community such as rav should be more about sharing and less about an “us not you” mentality.

First off, I would like to say, who cares? If a person wants to make a group invite-only, then let them. Does it REALLY affect your life THAT much, that you need to begin and maintain a discussion about how right or wrong it seems?

If a person wants to make a group invite-only, then why would you even want to join? It makes me think that these people were from the “excluded” group in high school and so desperately wanted to play with all the popular kids. Now in adulthood, they continue to seek approval from all the popular kids…. and if a person has declared something invite-only, then they MUST be the popular kids.

Surely though, I jest. I don’t know the person who started the discussion, and I by no means want to call anyone out by passing a judgment that I am very likely wrong in making.
But I do question the motive behind the discussion.

there are many reasons to make a group invite-only (which on rav, as I found out, is not possible. I myself  have made certain facebook groups closed and the main reason why I have done this isn’t because I want to exclude anyone. It is because I want to keep the creepers away. I post sensitive information that shouldn’t be shared in public. I shared my address in my Random Movie Night group. I’m sorry, I do not want just anyone to see and utilize that.

I am sure that the moderator of the Rav group has a reason for making such a group invite-only. It could be due to personal information being shared. Maybe not something as personal as an address, but it definitely could be sensitive, personal information. It could be something as simple as a discussion that was occurring between her and a group of friends, and instead of going back and forth between mediums, making a group to hold such discussions where every individual can read and respond in one place to make things convenient.  Or it could be that they are just snobby people who WERE the popular kids in school and haven’t been able to break free of that mentality yet.

Either way, I wouldn’t waste so much time or energy worrying about it. I will however, spend ten minutes writing my thoughts down, only cuz I am pro at finding ways to procrastinate my studying. 😛


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