If You Want A Dog, Don’t Have a Kid

Since I have been on such a good ranting streak this week, lets continue it!

I am sure that we all have seen it. Those couples that should have had a dog instead of a kid. That mom that takes her child to the mall… on a LEASH!?

I do not agree with it. There is no excuse that is valid enough to change my mind.

  • My child will run away from me if I don’t have him on a leash. Then learn better discipline techniques.
  • It is easier to keep track of my daughter if she is on a leash. Then teach your daughter to stay close to you at all times. If not, then revert back to discipline techniques .
  • I have two kids under; three kids under three; five kids under six; seventeen children under five.  I don’t care HOW many children you have, or what their ages are. Children are SMART! If you explain to them what the consequences are if they run away, they will get it. And if they don’t, then follow through on said consequences.

I have been there. My children are two years apart. When my daughter was a baby, I was also raising my boyfriends child. I had three under three. My son is also a swift little guy. He was outrunning me at the age of 3. He also has a mind of his own and WILL walk away without even being aware of it. There have been times where I have wanted to leash my children just so that my mind could slow down long enough for me to catch my breath.

But I allow my children to be children. We go to the mall, or the store, they know to stay close. If I walk away, a simple snap of fingers is (usually) enough to draw their attention to me that they need to follow. If we go other places such as my church’s Fall Festival, or Sports Camp, a place where I know, and TRUST, 90% of the people, they are allowed to explore. More often than not they check in every ten minutes anyway. If they don’t I will, or send someone, to locate them visually and ensure they are staying out of trouble. Because they usually are, they never know how often I actually check on them.

I figure if a person wants to take the responsibility out of raising children knowing the consequences of actions such as disobeying, or running away, then GET  A DOG. No one will judge you if you take a dog outside on a leash. And if not, then do your job as a parent and actually TEACH the children to be decent citizens instead of leading them around like a pet.


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