Rest and Relaxation

Currently, I am sitting in a hotel suite about 4 hrs from my city. Kid and Baby are in the room next to me, snuggling on the hideabed watching Scooby- Doo.

Boyfriend and I came here to visit his old roommates and help him celebrate their sons second birthday.

For the past week I suffered from such bad anxiety attacks. I felt like I was being asphyxiated and I even called the ambulance at one point. When told it sounded like anxiety I realized just what I was dealing with. School in 3 days. Getting Kid and Baby ready for school, which every Mom knows is a task in and of itself.

Then there is volunteering at Youth, soccer, dance and soccer again. And those are just the kids extra curricular activities. I have a monthly knitting club, book club, and a recipe swap; two of which I facilitate. Then there is my church functions, at least one per month and my weekly movie night.

Yup. That would cause anxiety.

The days leading up to this trip only caused more anxiety. Cleaning house, doing laundry, packing kids and essentially being ready for school Friday night as we won’t have a lot of time once we arrive home.

So why go through with it? Well, as I’ve said earlier, when we are invited places, I feel a sense of obligation to attend. Also, Boyfriend doesn’t get to see his old roommates, his best friends, very often.  And, it allows Kid to see his friends from Gr 1.

So, here I sit. Crocheting and watching tv in my hotel room. I’ve left Boyfriend with his friends for the evening, and after a week of anxiety, this is the first time I’ve truly felt relaxed!  I thought that I was going to regret this decision, but I think it was the best thing I could have done!


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