Fork in the Road

Eight months into my University career.

A lot has happened in 8 months. But then again, things have stayed the same. I have had my bouts of depression (usually coinciding with midterms). I even had my early depression during the month of April; though I thought I broke the cycle of it last year. I moved in with Boyfriend; Boyfriend upgraded to Fiance.

After being together for only 6 months, moving in together was a rather rash decision. Yes, we have been best friends for years. Yes, he knows me better than anyone. But he was not ready to be Dad to Kid and Baby. We weren’t ready to merge our lives together.

But cest le vie, as the saying goes. We both love each other and so we do the hard work necessary to make this situation work.

What really irks me about the past 8 months is it has been all for naught. About half way through my second semester; well into my Double Major in Arts and Science I realize that maybe my strengths lie in Addictions Counseling. I didn’t think it would take much to change from Psychology to Addictions. I figured they were very similar.

I was wrong.

As it turns out, much of courses are non transferable for credit. Which means, between 5 years at the community college, and 1 year at the University I have been able to shave off about half a year of my degree in Health Science.


I was told by the Academic Advisor that I can finish the degree in about 3.5 years. Putting me at approximately 6 months after my 30 birthday.

My other option: Stay in Psychology, complete it by 2014 and then have to go on to Masters if I want to pursue counselling. EIther way, I will be completing my education in approximately 3 years.

After much deliberation, I chose to switch into Addictions Counseling. I feel that I can do the most good in such a field. I am also hoping that now that I am on my path, I will be able to stop the panic attacks that have continued to plague me throughout the past  8 months. We will see how THIS plan goes…


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