Excited to be on my path

Upon further research into the Addictions Counseling course, I am getting quite excited to attend in the coming months.

Granted, the workload that I have planned out for the summer months are quite intense, and to be truthful, I am not sure how I we are going to work childcare for Kid and Baby. Maybe Fiance and I will have to sit down and work something out…

I have taken a look at past course outlines for some of the courses, and while they look intense to some people, they seem to be rather fun and enlightening. The classes that I have looked into thus far require many journal entries and reflections. Which I am good at. I love reflecting on my thoughts, feelings, and emotions and why I have them.

Most of them do not have final exams. They have papers instead. While I have grown to despise academic papers, I think that if I am enjoying what I am learning, I will probably enjoy the papers too. And I would love to write a paper over a final ANY day.

Yes. It does appear that I have made the right choice.


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