Back into Blogging

It has been a few months since I have maintained my blog. I am finding it difficult to come up with things that I can actually write about.

I am debating on writing a 3-parrt series on my weight loss journey, the challenges, the speedbumps, the resting period, but I am not sure on how to actually manage that, just yet. Still rolling it around in my head.

I have my first of four final exams this morning at 10 am. Many people think that I am slightly crazy. You see, we have the option to take the exam anytime between Monday at 10- Friday at 5. It adds flexibility. We can work it into OUR schedule.

So many people wonder why I would take the exam as soon as it opens. Why not wait until Friday at 5pm?

What those people fail to realize, and if they DO realize it, they do not realize the extent of it, is I have children. And finding a babysitter isn’t the ONLY thing that I need to worry about in order to write my exam. I have to look at my week and juggle:

My children and helping them study for their spelling tests

My husband and HIS work schedule + bowling league

Four exams and one paperDishes, laundry, cleaning (and anyone with kids KNOWS that this is best done when they are in school and/or OUT of the house)

Working out

So I need to look at ALL those commitments and try to be home at certain times throughout the day for the children, as well as for the house cleaning. AND I do not want to wait until the very last moment to take any of my exams. That is the worst feeling EVER. To feel rushed and OMG I am running out of time.

Sometimes I envy those University students who have the ability and flexibility in their schedule to do what they want, when they want to. Hell, sometimes its not just the University students that I envy….


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