Random Movie Trivia- Week 12

For all my followers please check out my blog that I maintain with my other half. We have, and hope to do again, a Random Movie once a week. We then do a Random Movie Trivia in an attempt to get people to partake 🙂

Random Movie Night


Alright, I know! My very last posting was Random Movie Trivia – Week 12. Why do I have two Week 12s?

It’s very simple. We never actually watched the Random Movie that week. In fact, I do not even know why I OWNED that particular movie. And so we are picking up exactly where we left off. Except I have gone through my movies and weeded out the bad ones.

So here we go!

1.One of seven of Nicholas Sparks’ books-turned-movie.

2. Filmed in North Carolina

3. The bed and breakfast that the movie is set in is actually a vacation rental property in North Carolina

4. The home was ruined a year after the film was release by a nor’easter (macro-scale storm along the upper East Coast)

Good Luck Viewers!

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