That feeling you get….

when you finish a book and then have to slowly meander back into reality.

Fiance has been out of town all weekend long, and though I hate to admit that I am the type of woman who /needs/ her man beside her, this weekend was the WORST weekend for him to go. Since I had no classes or tests to study for I didn’t have anything /pressing/ that needed to be done. And it usually takes me a couple weeks to find a new routine.

So he left the day after my finals were done, and for the first day and a half I wandered the house meaninglessly. It was clean, I made sure of that before he left, so I didn’t even have that to worry about.

Finally I came across a book that I have been meaning to read. Safe Haven, by Nicholas Sparks. I always make a point of reading the books before the movies, because I find that if I watch the movies, I am always disappointed in his books, and I do not like being disappointed in his books. Since Finace has been wanting to take me to see the movie, I figured that it was time to finally read the book.

So last night, the second night that Fiance was gone, after I had Kid Baby in bed I picked it up and began reading it. Before I knew it, it was 1 in the morning and I was still reading. I continued reading as soon as I woke up and then I even read on the way to church.

Which can be a bad idea when a pine tree decides to jump out of nowhere and attack you.

I came home, and continued reading it, and finally finished it just before it was time to put dinner on. I walked around in a daze, looking at my house, my clothes, even my kids. It felt so surreal. I get so lost in a book that the lines between reality and fantasy can become blurred. When I complete the book it sometimes takes me awhile to finally return completely to my reality.

That is when you know that you have just read an amazing book, and now I cannot wait for Date Night with Fiance to see how Hollywood adapts this book to the big screen.


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