642 Things to Write About

For Hubby’s birthday in April I purchased a book called 642 Things to write about. I have to admit there were ulterior motives for buying it.

Since we are both budding writers, I want to be able to stimulate creativity in myself as well. I fully intended to sneak a peek at it and use a few prompts from it to further my writing abilites.

Instead, and I don’t even know whose idea it was, we challenged each other. It is a friendly competition. We have both decided to chose, at random, a topic and blog about it each day.

So far I have done four days. And each day I have looked at my prompt and thought: “da fuq??” I have no idea how to write about this!

And each day, I continue to surprise myself. Especially Day 3, where I sat down at the computer thinking, I do not know what I am going to write, but I will just free form until something comes up. Ten minutes I staring dumbfounded at the computer screen.

I am quite pleased with the results, thus far. I am excited and looking forward to each day, and even though some of them make me wonder how I am going to pull it off I know that each challenge is just a step forward in reaching my dream of becoming a writer.

Now, my next challenge is to continue this while I’m in school 😛


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