Another day, another journey

For the past couple weeks, the decision to attend school for may-aug has been up in the air, and it all was dependent on my sponsors.

Trying to go to work full time, during the summer, with two kids would have been difficult and so I really wanted to be able to go to school just cor the flexibility.

Oddly enough, with classes beginning in four days and still no word from my sponsors, I was not worried. I knew I would be provided for, in one way or another. I was anxious to know HOW but I also had a sense of peace that my well being, and my family’s well being would be lokmed after.

I got the email this afternoon. Confirmation that I have been approved to attend sumerr classes. In typical neurotic fashion, I begin to stress. My house needs to be clean! I need to get my books! I need to begin reading! I will need to locte a sitter for Baby for after school.

Laying in hubbys arms he had to chuckle at me. Totally cool, calm, and collected even though the ability to pay rent wasn’t secure. Soon as that happens though, cue the stress! Yes. That is me. A walking contradiction.

Either way, soooo excited to begin a new semester!

Posted with mobile device  please forgive any overlooked typographical/grammar errors


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