The Mistake that Keeps on Giving – Part 1

I could slam my head against a brick wall! and chances are, it wouldn’t really do anything. I would still be more frustrated at myself than in pain from my the wall.

We have all heard it: Learn from your mistakes. Grow from them. Blah blah blah.

And did I ever make the biggest mistake of my life, one that keeps coming back to kick me in the a$$.

It all started one spring morning. I had gone to work, and it was a GOOD job. It paid the bills, and allowed me to provide the little things to my children. I was able to go shopping, and my kids were always kept in good, clean, clothes that fit. I had snacks in the house, and was able to purchase the new movies, and go swimming. Those little things that the children loved. And best of all: NO MAN! Something that I was raised to believe was unattainable.

Then, the worst happened. My world came shattering down around me. Through no fault of my own, I lost my job. I was faced with a number of choices. Do I begin the excruciating task of searching for another JOB. Do I take this opportunity to go back to school to find my dream CAREER? Do I take the summer off to spend time with my kids?

The decision, looking back now, was a no-brainer. I take the pay-cut and spend the summer building and establishing memories with my kids. Picnics in the park, late night cuddles and movies. Then, at the end of the summer, I would go back to school to finally obtain my dream of getting a psych degree. So I filled out the forms and applied for Employment Insurance.

There was just one teensy little thing that I failed to do earlier that year. I neglected to do my taxes for that year. As a single mother that had been carrying about 5 years of post-secondary tuition credits, I knew that I was due to come in to a nice chunk of change when I finally got it done. I also knew that the money would be going to some a lot of parking tickets I had allowed to accumulate. The only problem I foresaw was that if I did my taxes, the government would deem that as “income” and therefore my EI would take a hit.

Solution: wait until the end of the summer to do my taxes!

Reality: Bad solution. We will get to that in a second.

Later, that summer I misplaced my license. When it did not turn up right away, I went to get it replaced. I was told that due to the excess in fines, they were unable to reissue me a replacement license, but that I COULD get an ID card.
Good enough, right?

WRONG!! Oh. So. Very. Wrong.

Well, here is where my two mistakes converge into one huge mess. As I am driving along, minding my own business, I see the dreaded red and blue lights in my rearview mirror. Cue expletive. I didn’t pay off my fines, which means I didn’t re-register my car. I got dinged with a lack of registration ticket. When I was told that I couldn’t have my license reissued, what that REALLY meant was that my license has being suspended. I got dinged with a lack of license ticket (kicker on this one: I had since found my license on my bedroom end table. I just failed to put it back in my car). AAAAND since the police officer was ALREADY having a bad day, and had since labeled me a deviant who was lying about not being aware of the lack of license he failed to adequately check the expiry date on my pink slip. I got dinged with a lack of insurance ticket; mandatory court appearance; and my car was towed. Cue not only a string of expletives but also a panic attack.

Joy of all joys. My story does not end there however. We will continue with this important life lesson tomorrow.


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