The Mistake that Keeps on Giving – Part 2

So a couple days ago I talked about neglecting to do my taxes, and how I ended up car-less, as well as job-less.

I did end up getting my car out of the impound lot, though I still was unable to register it, and now with no license and a court appearance, I would have to wait to get my car back on the road.

I appeared in court and provided documentation and pleaded my case. (funny story there. I was under the impression I would talk to the duty counsel and so brought my daughter. I was wrong. I had to sit in the court room with my very antsy daughter. She ended up having to pee and my name was called in the two minutes I was gone. The courts issued a warrant out of my arrest since I was assumed absent. Yes. there was a warrant out for my arrest because my daughter had to pee.) Eventually I got my lack of insurance ticket and lack of license ticket ripped up; and since I took responsibility for lack of registration, the interest was written off as well.

So there I was, a single mother. No car. No Job. Trying to put myself through school. Wotta wreck one would think. And one did. A social worker at my sons school saw me, and my situation and realized that I was a young mom who had no idea what I was doing. Or at least, that is how she saw me. Regardless of whether or not she was correct was irrelevant. She was determined to ‘help’ me. So, she offered to do my taxes, free of charge. The taxes that I had already done by hand and was assured that they could be filed online, ie: instant return!

Yet another disappointment. Not only did this woman rob me of part of my return, but it was not done online either. It was also not mailed for a good 6 weeks after she offered to do them. I was fuming! I could have sent off what I had done, and had my return back, in the amount of time it took for her to even begin them. And then I wouldn’t have been robbed that money.

Oh well, live and learn, right?

And learn I did. Since I had waited so long, and I had yet to hand in my Assessment to the child care subsidy office,  they decided to cut my subsidy for childcare. On top of that they were going after me for two month of childcare. Due to the revocation of subsidy, I was also kindly told that my children were not welcome into the daycare until a third month of childcare was paid.

Oh. Joys

On top of all of this, my landlord finally found out about my cats and gave me a month to get rid of them, or move.

Well, I wasn’t giving up my fur-babies. And given the fact that my children no longer had childcare, there was really nothing keeping me on the far side of town. My boyfriend-at-the-time was having his own issues at his apartment and was thinking of leaving. So we did the only logical thing. We moved in together, on a side of town that was also home to friends and other support networks.

(For all you skeptics: Yes, moving in together out of logic and not a desire to take the next step in our relationship is not a wise move. We knew this when we made the decision, but we had faith not only in the strength of our relationship but also in the strength of our ten year friendship that we could survive the hardships.)

The next spiral in my whirlwind of a massive screw up comes four months later. We had lived together and managed to forge our lives together. After the initial honeymoon stage wore off, I realized that I had not seen my tax return yet. By this point, my next years taxes are due. I finally call them to inquire, and decided, hey! Why not change my address while I’m at it.

A couple weeks after this I receive a letter stating that there has been a change to my eligible children for Child Tax Benefit, Canada’s way of saying Thank you for popping out a child who, in 18 years, will be able to contribute to our society, here have some money to help pay for them.

Not only was I ineligible to receive this, but I also had to pay back more than I could afford.

I was MAD! Nothing in my situation had changed, and when it did, I had notified the government. I thought immediately that my ex-husband had filed some lie regarding who was taking care of kids. At once, I am on the phone trying to get through to the government, which deemed impossible. I got so frustrated I wanted to throw my phone against the brick wall.

I knew that was silly of course. If I did that, then I really wouldn’t be  able to get through to them. I would also have the added expense of replacing my phone, and adding expenses when I am trying to sort out other ones is just paradoxical.

Finally, I get through and it turns out that due to the length of time that it took to get my taxes done, I had some hoops to jump through. A letter was sent out of course. To my previous place of residence. Since there was no reply to the letter, nor to the follow-up letter; also sent to my previous place; the government decided that I didn’t have my kids and deemed me ineligible.

Moral of this story? Do your Taxes!! Had I done my taxes on time, or hell even just a month late, I would have been saved this headache, car-losing, court appearing, impound lot, daycare eviction, documentation finding, mess.

I would have, however, still been evicted due to my fur-babies.


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