There are many tips on increasing readership on your blog, and while I usually skim past them, there is one that I never really gave much thought to until recently.

The first step in writing blogs, is to read blogs

While I do look forward to seeing a new post in my reader, and I try to read each one, I always underestimated the power of a comment. I would slip away, into the masses, thinking that the author did not really care what I had to say, they had other readers that had something much more insightful to say, and I didn’t want to waste valuable space with a generic “well written, good post” comment.

I am here to declare the fallacy in my way of thinking. I know, for myself, when a person comments on a blog, that increases a sense of community within. I am more apt to return the favour and go to their blog and read with more than just a feigned interest. I become involved and engaged with the author. I feel a sense of solidarity with them.

For the most part, people enjoy the attention, even if it is a small token. I said to my husband at one point, it’s like a drug. Seeing that someone liked, or commented on a post. It makes you want to write more,  just for those people. It also increases a sense of accountability, which for me is a good thing since I tend to get bored with something, or more important things come up.

So, if I like to have that hit, wouldn’t other people? Even if it is a short comment that I wouldn’t feel is very insightful. Maybe just the knowledge that someone is reading will be the small uplifting inspiration that they need. The warm hug on a cold day. The smile from a stranger when you’re having a crap day. Would I really allow my insecurities to prevent me from potentially providing that?

So get out there! Read the blog, comment on the posts, and begin a new, online long-distance friendship from someone who can provide a new insight, give some encouragement or even be a virtual shoulder to cry on!


*please comment on this post as it has been awhile since I had my last hit of the ever-addicting drug of validation! 😀 *


6 thoughts on “Need…More…Comments!

    • I’ll be your pal! Thanks for reading!

      As for your alerts, my only notificaion is the cute little speaker balloon highlights in my upper right hand corner when I have a reply. Most of my email alerts are sent to junk mail who likes sort through junk mail? 🙂

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