26 Reasons I love My Husband

I have written a few posts, usually in a fit of anger or mini-breakdown because I am overwhelmed. In those posts I have complained about my husband. Never a huge,  “omg, why I am with this man?!” sort of way. More in the “I’m ranting, and on a roll so why not throw in some of his annoying habits” sort of way.

Either way, as I look back on my posts, I am saddened. I have little patience for those women who can do nothing but bitch about their husbands. What they do that piss them off, what they don’t do, that they should do, what they don’t do good enough.Lets face it. NO ONE is going to be able to fold the towels the way you like it, or arrange the fridge in just the right way. That is why we bear the Title of “Mom”

(Disclaimer, I do not get upset at the things he doesn’t do to my satisfaction. I always thank him for his help and realize that it doesn’t matter what my fridge looks like, or how my towels are folded. I am just happy that my husband loves me enough to help.)

So, to balance out the scale a bit I am dedicating this post to why I love my husband.

  1. He will bring me coffee when he is off work. He works nights at Walmart, and will get home about 730. He has to pass Tim Hortons on the way out, so when he has the time, he will surprise me with a coffee. I must say, hot coffee as I am waking up is enough to make any woman swoon.
  2. He will walk to the closest Tim’s (fifteen minute walk one-way) to get me a coffee if he didn’t have time after work.
  3. He will pick up groceries after work so that I don’t have to do a large grocery trip every week.
  4. He will watch my children so that I can study. Or so that I can go for a bike ride. Or so that I can go for a walk. Or so that I can go, pretty much anywhere I want to.
  5. He trusts me. Wholeheartedly. To the point that I can have a “boyfriend”  Let me explain. I met a guy in my class last semester and he was smart, intelligent, a great listener and quite sexy. After study dates, and lunch dates I began to develop what I thought were feelings for this man. My husband was aware of this (cuz I’m transparent, apparently) and never once asked me to stop talking to this man. Two months later, the “feelings” have subsided, to the point where I can’t even remember why I found him attractive, and the three of us are pretty decent friends, and he has earned the nickname Boyfriend.
  6. He does what I ask of him, within reason. Sometimes I have to ask, or remind him, but he will do whatever he can to make my life easier. Even if it is chores that he hates like the dishes
  7. He works. So that I don’t have to. We are barely making ends meet, but we do. And he does that because he knows that I will finish school and be in a career that I love and where I know I can make a difference. He is able to shoulder most of the weight so that I can focus on my studies
  8. He is open to the idea of being a Stay at Home Daddy. Home when the kids are off of school, and bearing most of the household responsibilities. He knows that I with my education and career choice I can make more than enough to support us.
  9. He accepts my children. He may not love them unconditionally, and I am okay with that. I don’t feel that he should have to. He is not a parent, nor will he ever be. (provided he stays with me.) I cannot expect someone to have a parents love for another persons child.
  10. He is my anchor. He keeps me grounded when I am getting flighty. He brings me down when I my anger is starting to rise. He is my shoulder to cry on, my ear to listen and sometimes even my sanity
  11. He makes me laugh.
  12. He understands me in a way nobody else can
  13. He accepts my flaws
  14. He will hold me when I want him to, and it never turns into something sexual. Unless I want it to.
  15. He can stand up to me. I am high maintenance, and at times controlling. He can put me in my place when I’m being unreasonable.
  16. He doesn’t expect too much from me.
  17. He helps me lower my unrealistic expectations of myself
  18. He always shows me the flip side to every coin. It gives me a different perspective on every single situation.
  19. He is diplomatic and tactful. He never really voice his *opinion* merely a different way of looking at a situation
  20. He is accepting. Not just of me, but of everyone’s flaws. It’s a trait that I find admirable
  21. He is intelligent, but not in an arrogant sort of way. He is a well of stupid pointless facts that don’t matter.
  22. He is creative, and helps stimulate my creativity
  23. He is willing to put himself into awkward and uncomfortable situations, for the mere fact that I ask him to. (by that, I mean church, church functions, birthday parties, weddings)
  24. He waited for me. I went through a number of stupid, and abusive, and wrong relationships. He watched as my heart was broken, and he picked up the pieces and put them back together. He listened while I cried. He listened as I gushed every time I “fell in love” and all the while he waited. Until I was smart enough to be able to see who was standing beside me the entire time
  25. He is my soulmate. I never believed in soulmates. Or, at the very least I was skeptical. But we are on the same wavelength. We know each other, him more than me, but almost every time he comes up with an idea to surprise or woo me, I immediately think of it and will subtly *hint* at the idea. He then has to discard said idea due to the fact that he wants credit of coming up with an original idea. We are one, in two bodies. I couldn’t live without him. And I’ve tried. I thought of him constantly
  26. He is my best friend. For all the reasons I have stated and more.

I think 26 is a good number to end with. I could likely go on and on, if I wanted to. But there is no need to bore my readers. 🙂


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