Of all the Nerve

I am due to be married.

Well… according to the language I have used recently, it seems the wedding has lost the appeal to me, and I have already decided that he is my husband, and that the paper is a mere formality we will deal with at a later point.

Either way, after a few months of being engaged and seeing a few bridezillas wreak havoc on friendships I turned to my husband-to-be and discussed a smaller wedding than we had originally planned. One where it was just close friends and family; and by that I mean, close friends as neither of us really have family.

He was agreeable.

This also helped us decide on wedding parties. It would be my Maid of Honour and his Best Man. No need to choose between friends so that we had an even amount of bridesmaids to groomsmen.

So I mentioned to a friend and neighbour in passing that we were looking at having a small, intimate wedding ceremony instead of a large one. Her reply caught me so off guard, I didn’t know how to reply.

“Well, you better invite me, seeing as how you wouldn’t have met, had it not been for me”

I was STUNNED. Yes, this friend was with me the night I met my fiance 13 years ago. The three of us were actually really good friends when we were teenagers.

But then, as it always happens, Life occurred. She went off, got married, had babies. I did the same. We actually stopped talking in grade 9. We didn’t begin talking again until we were pregnant with our youngest, so about 6 years ago. Even then it was “facebook friends.” Very superficial, hows the weekend type of discussions, that would happen once every 3 months. Though there were numerous invites for coffee, few were actually taken up on.

It was only five months ago when our friendship took on a new level, and that was merely due to the fact that now my children attend the same school and we live in the same apartment buildings. You would think that the coffee offers would actually occur now. Wrong. We still say yes, let’s do coffee. Neither of us actually follow through.

So to have a person who has this type of relationship with me actually demand an invite, and claim that SHE introduced us was one of the most absurd things that ever occurred to me.

Has anything like this ever happened to you? Something so completely off the wall you walked away thinking what the hell just happened? I would love to hear about it 🙂


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