Another Night…

… another purse.
I had the yarn. I had the pattern. I had the hooks. I had the time. Well, not really. I should spent the evening writing my paper, but look how cute!!:


I just couldnt resist!

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3 thoughts on “Another Night…

  1. Love this!

    I have a woman on Facebook who I taught in Sunday School about 12 years ago. She posts her crochet adventures frequently and I just love seeing them. She made the cutest Mario Brothers crocheted blanket! I challenged her to crochet something awhile ago and she started it, but now that I think about it, she never let me know if she finished. It was either a brain hat or a cthulhu.

    Someday I’ll learn.

  2. I’ve seen a few Mario Bros. blankets! I have like 7 blankets that are only half done so I avoid starting one. I love crocheting, but I think I prefer the small projects that work up quickly. Blankets are too tedious, too long, and too long 😛
    It is really easy to learn. The hardest part is the starting chain. Once you get that down, you’re golden! I Tried to teach my hubby once. He didn’t like it 😛

  3. My Mom and my grandmother (rest her soul and happy birthday too) were expert knitters and crochet-ers and sew-ers (not sewers, lol). My grandma was so good, she could take anyone’s finished piece and copy it without a pattern. I’ve watched her.

    Imagine their disappointment when I got a D in home ec, most specifically, the sewing class…

    So, I’m sure I can learn, as I learn most new things easily and well…but I think this is a mental issue, LOL…

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