Work In Progress Wednesday

Unfortunately I did not get any of the blanket done this week. I just got too excited on everything else that I wanted to do!! As I have mentioned I am following Not Your Average Crochet in her very first Crochet-Along. I was not planning on doing this, and so I did not buy specific yarn for this project; I just took some yarn that I had laying around. This weeks rows were the Catherine Wheels: imageThey were really fun to do, but I do not think that my colour scheme is really working out just yet.imageThen, I had a friend find out that I was making, and selling a few purses for some extra cash so she asked that I make her mother some dishcloths. Mom even offered to buy the yarn. Since I wasn’t putting in any expense toward the project, I just requested that Mom, who is an expert sewer, make Baby some dresses. She uses a nice, colourful flowy lightweight material which is perfect for running around in the summers. My daughter was able to snag a few off her former step sister a few years back, and has just recently outgrown the very last one she had. I figured this was a decent exchange of services. 🙂 The yarn Mom brought over to my house made me squee in excitement: haIt was all so coloruful. And fun. And vibrant! I wanted to get started right away. Funny thing though, I had never made a dishcloth. I know from experience though that textured ones are the best ones so off I went in search of a pattern. Or two. Or three. The first one was a simple, one colour single crocheted dishcloth with an added half double crochet border:imageThe second one I made was a half double crochet square working in back loops to give the textured feel. I realized halfway through it that I could have some fun with all the colours that I had, so instead of  a monochrome dishcloth, I added a vibrant double crochet border to it:imageThe third one I made is my favourite so far. I used the same pattern as the first, but instead of one colour, I alternated rows:

imageThen I added a bit of a ruffle border to add a bit of feminine appeal to it 🙂 Finally, the last one I found here. I wanted to try something new, something unique. Mom has 8 kids and numerous grandkids and thanksgiving dinners are usually at her place, so I figured a little something with some heavy duty scrubbing power might be just what she needs:

imageLove the pattern, not too fond on the colours I chose. Its a simple crocodile stitch for the scrubbing portion combined with a single crochet for wiping. I am not sure how it will actually work in the kitchen, but I figured it was worth a try. If she likes it, I can always make more.

Now, I have to search for more fun and exciting dishcloths to make! So far, I have only used about 3 out of 20 skeins of yarn! So much more to experiment with!

Do you have a favourite, go-to pattern for dishcloths?


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