I’m baaack! Again.

 I have been away. I apologize for that. Sometimes, having to maintain a blog becomes overwhelming. I keep thinking that I should focus on one thing, like my crocheting. Or my family. Or my mental health issues. Or even my school.

The thing with that is, I am not able to find enough stuff to say about any of these topics. And so, I will wait in hopes of coming up with some inspiration. The next thing I know, its been months and I haven’t posted anything.

But with the amount of stressors in my life, I think that I might need an outlet. First of all, I am only a month away from applying for my Social Work degree, I am also only one course away from my psychology degree.

Married life has become routine, so that has been a nice relief. However, now my youngest, Baby, is dealing with an ADHD label. I have a lot to say about this topic, but perhaps at a later date. For now I merely want to provide an update, say a quick hello and let y’all know that I am back and will, hopefully, be around more often. 


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