Crochet A-Long

I admit it. Even after repeatedly telling myself, you don’t have time to devote to another project, I started doing yet another Crochet A Long. This time over at Beatrice Ryan Designs.

I had promised myself that I was only going to watch the progress of the Crochet A long that she is hosting. But alas, I was unable to keep this promise to myself. All the pictures were just SO PRETTY. I found myself grabbing my hook and yarn and thought to myself, oh well I will just START, and I might end up having to hibernate it later, but at least its started.

I even thought, it would be a great stash-busting project. Nope, I was unable to follow through on that as well. The next thing I knew, I had decided on a colour scheme and had gone out to purchase more yarn to keep up the colour scheme.


So far we are on week 3 and I am thoroughly addicted. I anticipate the next weeks post so that I can make a bit more progress on the afghan.  I am loving how its turning, and I figure this might be a great Birthday present, or Christmas present for Kid. Granted, that’s MONTHS in the future, but I would rather have one done, and stashed away, instead of racing against the clock to get one done.

Its not too late to start! Weeks 1-3 only took me about a day to catch up on. That was on top of being sick, and having my beautiful 2 month old niece coming for a visit! Elena posts the next part of the pattern every Saturday morning! That’s at least 5 days to catch up!


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