Tuesdays: The New Monday

Today feels like a Monday. First, I ended up sleeping in, missing my workout, which is no big deal, considering I usually go to the gym on Tuesday mornings.

So, I get out of bed and head to the shower. By the time I get out of bed, I had about 30 minutes before I had to leave the house. Turns out Kid is still sleeping. What the hell? This is the child that is usually awake an hour and a half before we have to leave the house! I had 30 minutes to get him to wake up, flip his laundry, make his bed, eat his breakfast and brush his hair. EEK!

I wake him, and tell him his plan of action and leave him as he is groggily flipping his laundry.

As I start on my makeup, Baby told me that Brother fell back asleep. He has dressed. His chores were done. But he still had to brush his hair. And that is always a fight. He is 8 years old and has hair longer than his sisters. It’s long, blonde and beautiful, but he is kind of a baby and can’t handle brushing the knots, especially when Mama comes after his hair in a blind panic. He has his own special, expensive hairbrush that is designed specifically for his thin hair. So Baby heads off to wake him up, once again. By this time, my alarm is going off. This signifies that we have to leave the house. I am running around the house grabbing my lunch, my laptop, my books, and car keys. We jump in the car and we’re off!

Get to the school and Baby starts crying because I am not walking her to class. Dangit! I am going to be late getting to the gym. But I can’t exactly let her go to school in tears! That would make a hellish day for her teacher. So I park the car, pull out the keys and walk her to class. That’s when I realize that I  forgot to tell Kid who is picking him up from school and where to meet her. There is a few minutes before the bell rings so I start walking to his class. I enter his class just as I hear him exclaim MY POKEMON CARDS!!

Every Tuesday, his school hosts a Pokemon club for the grade 3s. This is to encourage their hobby, but also prevent them from spending every single recess playing and trading cards. Due to our mass confusion in the morning, the cards were forgotten at home. He sees me and begs me to go home to get them. So much for going to the gym.

I drop the cards off and saw a car-less friend walking her two month old baby in -32 weather. Yet another delay as I pull over and tell her to hop in the car.

By the time I get to campus, I have 10 minutes to get to class. I don’t have a parking pass, and I don’t have time to park off campus. So I risked getting a ticket, parked on campus and rushed to class. I sit down and pull out my computer and I realized I grabbed the wrong book. I have six hours between my classes, and I utilize that time to do homework and study. I can’t study for my social work class with my psychology text! To make matter worse, my lunch is also not in my backpack. Joy of all joys!

I quickly make the necessary adjustments to my schedule and realize that I can probably study a different class today taking into consideration the time that it will take for me to grab my lunch from the food court. Its not ideal, but it will have to do. I don’t really have the time or the gas to make the 40 minute trek home for just a text book. Oh, well I say to myself. At least I look pretty damn good today. That’s something, considering my attempt to get back into shape.

Then, as I am sitting in class, the worst happens. I sneeze. And a giant booger flys out of my mouth and lands right on my shirt.

You gotta be KIDDING me! THIS I did not plan for and cannot adjust my day to accommodate it. I HAVE to go home to change my shirt. I cannot handle being on campus until 730 at night with a giant booger right on my boob. But first, I must endure another painful hour of Neuroscience before I can make my escape.

And that, ladies and gents, all happened before 10 am. The next 9 hours CANNOT get any worse. :/ 


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