My Daughter Has ADHD

My daughter has ADHD. She has a disorder. That is what ADHD is. It is a disorder; a malfunctioning of the frontal cortex of her brain. The part of her brain that helps to control her impulses and decision making.

No, it is not a part of her diet. I do not deny that diet can affect her both in a negative and positive way. However, there are some individuals who will be totally unaffected by diet.

No, it’s not because of poor parenting. Am I great parent? Well, I ain’t getting any parent of the year awards, but I love my kids, and I haven’t killed them yet. Actually, low standards aside, I think that I am doing a pretty decent job considering the cards that I was dealt. Yes, I left my husband was pregnant with my second one, and yes I spent over half of my kids’ lives as a single parent , fighting depression. But they always had a roof over their heads, food on their table and a shirt on their back.

No, it’s not because my daughter is merely “craving attention,” or “crying out for her mom.” I will admit that I am away some evenings due to my class schedule. BUT, I am volunteering at the school more often than some stay at home moms. I supervise field trips if they do not interfere with my schedule, and sometimes even when it does. I partake in the monthly Family Fun Night the school has. We have Family Game Night every week, Movie night every week, and Family Meeting every week; Regardless of how much school work has piled up. We sit down to meals at least 5 nights a week, even if some of those nights Mama has to pull a dine-and-dash to rush off to the next class. I help them with homework, and I read to them. Granted, sometimes it’s my psych book, but it’s getting done.

Truth of the matter is that my precious daughter, my perfect 6 year old angel has a disorder that is neither her fault; nor in her control. This is something that I have spent the past four months coming to terms with, and the year before that living in denial about.

Sadly though, when my six year old is facing suspension, and her classmates are fearful of coming to class, it is something that I am forced to face. Something that I have to deal with so that I might have my adorable Baby Girl back and we can prevent any more social ostracizing and future problems that she may face.


3 thoughts on “My Daughter Has ADHD

  1. goddess- thank you for following the add blog. tho it is for adults, you may well find some strategies that could help your daughter, i hope so. also there are recent posts somewhere about mothers, the unsung heroes.i hope you find the blog interesting and useful, and maybe you can post some comments.
    best wishes

  2. Hi Doug Thanks for the comment.

    I am a big beleiver that one can never have too much info 🙂 If I can start stockpiling tips that she can use in adulthood, then I think she will just be that much better off. I will definitely look for your posts on mothers. Its a thankless but rewarding job, thats for sure 🙂

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